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My number maruwakari guide

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My number maruwakari guide

  We introduce my number system that caused with convenience for the making of society where it is easy to live in
  For more details, please see attachment my number maruwakari guide.


By information cooperation more and more usefully!

  As administrations exchange string zuku information of my number on exclusive network system,
 In the case of various procedures, we come to be able to omit preparations and submission of attached documents.

It is my number card OK in one piece of this

  ○On public identification card
  ○My number for administrative procedure of social security, tax, anti-disaster measures
  ○Electronic certificate of IC tip is available for various services
  Only this is established with one piece of my number card!
  ・The presentation and identification of my number are OK in one piece of this!
  ・Electronic application such as e-Tax (national tax electron report, the tax payment system) is possible, too!
  ・In the municipality that can acquire certificates such as copies of resident's card at convenience store!

We have administrative procedure from smartphone and PC online! "mainapotaru"

 "mainapotaru" is online service that the government operates. From PCs of home,
 We perform administrative procedure online and can receive news from administration.
 URL https://myna.go.jp/ We open with the other window(external link)
 ○We can do such a thing in mainapotaru!
  ・We can confirm personal information from home PC and smartphone
  ・Entrance application of the authorization nursery school or application of children's allowance are possible online
  ・We can confirm personal history that administrations delivered your personal information

We answer common question!

 Q. We collect my numbers and are not abused?
  A. Is strict in laws and ordinances so that is not abused; set a limit.
   The use ranges of my number are restricted by laws and ordinances strictly.
   When we collect my numbers across the use range established in laws and ordinances and manage, criminal charge may be inflicted.
 Q. If my number is known, does spoofing damage not happen?
  A. We carry out identity verification thoroughly and prevent spoofing.
   Performing identification with identifications of social position by procedure to use my number for by all means
   It is required. We cannot go through the procedure only with my number.
 Q. If my number leaks out, does all the personal information leak out, too?
  A. We prevent chain of leak of personal information.
   With engine some in dispersing with each personal information hakoremadedori engine, and managing by any chance
   Even if personal information including my number leaked out, information may not leak out from there one after another.
 Q. How do safety measures of system of my number turn out?
  A. It limits person who can access and encrypts communication.
   It limits person who can access system of my number and encrypts communication when we access system again severely.


■Information more detailed about my number to my number (social security, tax number) system homepage of the Cabinet Secretariat.

Call center is established, too.

   Common question (FAQ) and latest information of my number system of my number (social security, tax number) system of the Cabinet Secretariat

  We are published in homepage. We link to special sites such as specific personal information protection Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, National Tax Agency, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

  Please search with "my number".

http://www.cas.go.jp/jp/seisaku/bangoseido/index.html With new window(external link)

From October, 2014, call center of my number is established. Person having any questions about my number,

Furthermore, person wanting to know detailed information, please feel free to contact.

Phone number 0120-95-0178

Establishment time weekdays from 9:30 to 20:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9:30 to 17:30 (except New Year holidays)


 ■We accept about temporary suspension of my number card by loss or theft 24 hours a day, every day







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