Kumamoto hygiene statistics annual report (No. 65) 2017

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We publish statistics such as population dynamics (birth, the death, stillbirth, the marriage, divorce) or medical facilities, health promotion of Kumamoto.

Population dynamics Summary of 2016 population dynamics investigation Statistics The outbreak situation of population dynamics phenomenon of birth, the death, stillbirth, the marriage and divorce
Medical relations Summary medical in 2015   Statistics The situation such as establishment, the abolition of medical facilities
Hygiene administration Summary of 2015 hygiene administration reported case   Statistics The situation of hygiene administration accompanied with the enforcement of the hygiene relations laws
Community health, health promotion business    Summary of 2015 health promotion business report   Statistics State of implementation of health business based on Health Promotion Act that the municipalities enforce (medical care is excluded.)
Summary of 2015 community health business report   Statistics The situation such as health measures that accepted characteristic of area for the purpose of maintenance of health of local resident which public health center and the municipalities carried out and increase
Collection of links Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Results of the public welfare statistics investigation of country are published.
National Institute of Population and Social Security Research Population by estimate, declining birthrate information are published in the future.
e-Stat (general counter of government figures) It is government figures portal site which Japanese statistics can read.

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