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We made activity program for "voluntary disaster prevention organizations" and activity casebook at the time of Kumamoto earthquake!

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We made "local disaster prevention activity support program" and "voluntary disaster prevention organization activity casebook" (Kumamoto earthquake)!

  Of activity that the municipalities cooperated with voluntary disaster prevention organization based on problem of Kumamoto earthquake refer to; and with "area emergency management activity support program" usually

We made "voluntary disaster prevention activity casebook" (Kumamoto earthquake correspondence) which settled example that activity was made use of in in the case of Kumamoto earthquake of this.

 As helpful information is placed about response at the time of everyday activity method and disaster of the voluntary disaster prevention organization, please utilize by all means.

 In the prefecture, we support activity of voluntary disaster prevention organization sequentially and will promote reinforcement of local disaster prevention power.


    1 "area disaster prevention activity support program"

For each five themes, we prepare for three phases of programs of the "beginner's class edition" "intermediate edition" "upper grade edition" to have you begin disaster prevention activity happily from time of peace to choose depending on the situation of activity.

○Five themes

(1)Intelligence, transmission (2) safety confirmation, rescue relief (3) evacuation instruction, evacuation (4) refuge establishment, administration   (5)District disaster prevention plan


※Downloading from this → H30 area disaster prevention activity support program (PDF: 5.41 megabytes) We open with the other window



    2 "independence disaster prevention activity casebook" (Kumamoto earthquake correspondence)

In the case of Kumamoto earthquake, we perform safety confirmation of inhabitants or collection and transmission, administration of refuge of information and it is difficult and introduces activity example of eight independence disaster prevention organization that we confronted by power of mutual assistance.


※Downloading from this →  Voluntary disaster prevention activity casebook (Kumamoto earthquake correspondence) (PDF: 8.11 megabytes) We open with the other window



(reference) "Voluntary disaster prevention activity casebook" (normal time edition) and "voluntary disaster prevention activity casebook" (disaster edition) which we made in the past are this↓






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