Country ZEH briefing session is held on April 20.

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●Of introduction support project as for ZEH support project by Ministry of the Environment, the advanced re-energy heat open call for participants briefing session

●Open call for participants briefing session of ZEH+ proof business by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, single-family house sale in lots ZEH proof business and open call for participants briefing session of ZEH builder/planner registration

But, it is held by following schedule, venue, contents.


■Schedule, venue

The date Time Capacity Venue
April 20
11:15 ...
Acceptance start

From 11:45 to 16:35
Briefing session holding
99 people TKP Kumamoto conference center hanashobu

4-7, Hanabatacho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Asahi Shimbun Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building 9F




■Contents of briefing session
1. Business by Ministry of the Environment

・About ZEH support project

・Advanced re-energy heat about introduction support project


2. Business by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • ・About ZEH+ proof business
  • ・About single-family house sale in lots ZEH proof business
  • ・About ZEH builder/planner registration


3. Other explanation

  • ・Commentary (echo net consortium) of echo net light/echo net light AIF



This briefing session is prior entry system. If you would like to participate; of the following URL (SII "environment cowound initiative" homepage) please apply for "briefing session entry from this".


■Guidance page including SII participation application



[note 1] When there is not prior entry, to briefing session as cannot participate, please be careful.

     In addition, prior entry (reception desk) is terminated as soon as venue becomes full.


[note 2] Participation in this briefing session is not prerequisite in application of subsidy.

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