About LP gas preservation organization authorized update

The last update date:

You confirm documents necessary for 1 application with check sheet, and please submit the check sheet with preservation engine authorization update application.

It is said that submission methods of 2 applications are as follows.

  As a general rule, submit preservation organization authorization update application after bringing.

  But when hope for mail submission by convenience of duties, thing by the following.

  (1) You send out by postal registered mail, and keep the record.

  (2) Address specifies, "it is addressed to the Fire Management Division preservation group LP gas person in charge", and write in the margin of envelope with "the preservation organization authorization update application living-in-inside".

  (3) You call, and, after the shipment, contact the Fire Management Division preservation group LP gas person in charge. 


(1)  Preservation organization authorization update application (the style 14th)We open with the other window

   ※ Make application documents with "the number receiving authorization of general consumers" now.

   But completing each desk work before authorized update application when we need report of increase authorization or decrease.

(1)-2, attached sheet

(2)  Preservation duties plan (the style thirteenth)We open with the other window

(2)-Calculation of the number of the 2, preservation duties qualified people and the number of the apparatuses for preservation duties

(3)  Preservation duties qualified person tableWe open with the other window

 ※ Show "reception method of the night, holiday" when you perform "emergency correspondence" clearly.

 We transfer telephone to example) home and store, qualified person's house (from office less than ten minutes),

    In accommodation person on duty system correspondence

<attachment of (3)>

i) Copy of certificates of preservation duties qualified person (about liquefied petroleum gas facilities person including page of re-class attendance seal)

ii) Documents which identify hiring of preservation duties qualified person as applicant

 "Copy" of example) society health insurance card (thing which company names of preservation organization are filled in on), subtraction withholding slip

iii) Copying (including page of re-class attendance seal) of person of kind sale chief certificate second about duties chief person

(4)  Figure ofWe open with the other window emergency correspondence range (drawing which showed ranges such as general consumers)

 ※ It is red in positions such as general consumers most far-off in the company vs. appropriateness ●Fill in seal.

   At the same time, fill in the approximate time required (for ○○) and distance (○○ km).

(5) Document (insuring certificate which proves solvency of compensation for damages ※For issuance such as association of LP)

(6)  Document which explained constitution of officer or member who fixed for rule Article 33We open with the other window ※Only in the case of corporation

(7)  Company OverviewWe open with the other window ※We include case of single proprietorship

(8)Only in "copying" of articles of association ・・・※ corporation 

 (9)Only in certified copy ... corporation of corporation register

(10) Written oath of not corresponding to disqualificationWe open with the other window

(11) Photograph notes such as apparatuses for preservation duties)

(12)"Copy" of preservation organization authorization book at the time of the last time update 

(13)"Copying" (thing working this time in accounting period just before authorized update) of report of rule Article 132

(14)Update fee (@ 6,900 yen X "number of preservation duties division" +14,000 yen) with prefectural income certificate stamp

※In the case of 5 division, it is 48,500 yen



As amount of apparatus for preservation duties confirms in photograph, you photograph for each office, and submit.


Apparatus for preservation duties:

Writing by oneself pressure gauge, manometer, gas analyzer, leak detection liquid, CO measuring instrument,

Bowling bar, urgent tool kind


Again urgent tool kind,

(1)Megaphone, (2) yellow black island rope (*2 15m), (3) cowhide gloves (right and left), (4) No thoroughfare for vehicles, (5) red flag …But, copy to confirm.


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