Announcement of mild care about cancer medical treatment in 2019 (Raiwa 1) Kumamoto

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About held guideline of mild care workshop

 Country formulated based on "Basic Law for cancer measures" (2006 law No. 98), and, by "cancer measures promotion basic plan", it is aimed for "all healthcare workers engaged in cancer understanding basic relaxation care, and learning knowledge and technique".
 e-learning is introduced by "held guideline of palliation of cancers care workshop for doctors engaged in medical treatment" (kenhatsu 1201 No. 2 dated December 1, 2017) being applied from April 1, 2018, and held method, contents of workshop are changed.
[about main change]
Revision poster
(1) Constitution of workshop                                                                                        
  "e-lerning" and "the meeting training" (1st)
(2) The training eligible people
  ・Home care support medical office in connection with cancer medical treatment cooperation base Hospital,      
   Person who works at hospital having hospital, palliative care unit
  ・Doctor, other healthcare workers who share with dentist, and engage in mild care
(3) Procedure for diploma issuance
  ・e-learning diploma or data are necessary
[about attendance method of e-learning]
     You finish new registration, and please attend e-learning.
 ※For more details, please see the following "flow of mild care workshop attendance in conformity with new guideline".
  •                                               Flow (leaflet) of mild care workshop attendance
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◇Old guideline and the conduct point◇


Care workshop annual schedule mild in 2019 (Raiwa 1)

◇In the prefecture, holding of mild care workshop is planned as follows this year.
 We ask you that healthcare workers engaged in cancer medical treatment take lectures positively and participate.
Holding scheduleHolding hospitalContact informationRemarks

2019 (Raiwa 1)

Sunday, June 16

Amakusa community health center
Amakusa center general hospital
(Amakusa community health center)
It has been held
Sunday, June 30The Kumamoto Red Cross hospital096-384-2111 (main)It has been held
Sunday, July 28Kumamoto University Hospital096-373-5993 (direct)It has been held
Saturday, August 24Rousaibyoin, Kumamoto0965-33-4151 (main)It has been held
Saturday, September 14Arao Municipal Hospital0968-63-1115 (main)It has been held
Saturday, October 5National hospital mechanism Kumamoto medical center096-358-6501 (main)It has been held
Sunday, October 27Minamata City general medical center0966-63-2101 (main)It has been held
November 23 (soil, celebration)Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital096-351-8000 (main)It has been held
Saturday, November 30The Kumamoto center Hospital096-370-3111 (main)It has been held

2020 (Raiwa 2)

Saturday, January 18

Hitoyoshi medical center0966-22-2191 (main)It has been held
Saturday, January 25National hospital mechanism Kumamoto re-spring medical center096-242-1000 (main)The end of the application
Sunday, February 9The national hospital mechanism Kumamoto south Hospital0964-32-0826 (main)The end of the application
Saturday, February 22The Kumamoto forest metropolis General Hospital096-364-6000 (main)The deadline: Friday, January 31
Saturday, February 29Kumamoto Municipal Hospital096-365-1711 (main)The in-hospital staff object
Sunday, March 8Large intestine anus disease center Takano Hospital096-384-1011 (main)The deadline: Wednesday, February 12

※Please refer to each holding hospital for the details.

The prefecture relaxation care workshop completion person list (doctor)

  We publish only doctor agreed to full name and public announcement of belonging in people of completion. Belonging is thing at the time of the training reception desk.
 In addition, at the time of the training reception desk, please contact the prefectural person in charge when public announcement is hoped for in considered to be disagreement for public announcement.



Care conference mild in 2019 (Raiwa 1)

 By Kumamoto cancer medical treatment cooperation meeting relaxation care sectional meeting and the cosponsorship with cancer medical treatment cooperation base Hospital, we hold around one time, conference of the multi-type of job participation every month.

We have you confirm contents of each conference every time as it is different lecture content, and, as for relaxation care workshop and the healthcare workers engaged in cancer medical treatment in addition, attendance asks you to participate positively.


◇Holding schedule

 Time The date ThemeSponsorship hospital Contact information 
The 63rd

2019 (Raiwa 1)

Wednesday, April 17

 About structure and the prevention of cancer

It is ... towards society to assist in ... area

The Kumamoto south Hospital

The 64thThursday, May 16 Adult guardianship system and decision aiding (from viewpoint of lawyer)Kumamoto University Hospital 


The 65thThursday, June 6

 Methadone, characteristic and how to use

Kumamoto University Hospital


The 66thThursday, August 8

 Mild care of non-cancer (respiratory illness) patient

Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital096-351-8000 
The 67thWednesday, September 11 

 With master of clinical religion

 It is tsu shite by activity with Takano Hospital palliative care unit

Large intestine anus disease center Takano Hospital096-320-6500
The 68th

Thursday, October 3

 Best Supportive Care notameno

Ethical treatment cancellation/withholding

The Kumamoto Red Cross hospital096-384-2111
The 69th

Wednesday, October 16 

The current situation and problem of ADP for patients with heart failure in our hospital Rousaibyoin, Kumamoto0965-33-4151 
The 70thFriday, November 1Mild care to aim at of good straight hall The Kumamoto center Hospital 096-370-3111 
The 71st

Sunday, November 17 

Mild care to support "we eat" Kumamoto University Hospital 096-373-5993 
The 72nd

Saturday, November 23 

"We live" like oneself

It is ... from the spot of ... hospice mild care 

The Kumamoto south Hospital0964-32-0826 
The 73rd Thursday, December 19 

Position break of mild care in area

In ... past, it will be ... now and from now on

Arao Municipal Hospital 0968-63-1115 
The 74th

Friday, January 31 

Physical restraint of the end period patient

... to disseminate information of from ... palliative care unit

Kumamoto community health center096-363-3311
The 75thWednesday, February 12

Of place to go having both dementia and cancers there is not

We think about medical treatment support of patient for the end period

Kumamoto medical center relaxation care sectional meeting096-353-6501 

※We will tell on homepage as soon as we know schedule sequentially.

※Please refer to sponsorship hospital for the details.



The Kumamoto University medical department hospital relaxation care center

 The Kumamoto University medical department hospital relaxation care center is installed as the spread, base enlightening of mild care of Kumamoto.

Kumamoto at-home mild care map

 By Kumamoto cancer medical treatment cooperation meeting relaxation care sectional meeting, we get cooperation of each medical institution in Kumamoto and make at-home mild care map of Kumamoto.
In at-home mild care map, we can search medical institution carrying out at-home mild care in the prefecture.


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