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Name - prize winner decision of new bridge connecting "Amagi Bridge" - Kamiamakusa-shi and Uki-shi!

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The name of bridge "Amagi Bridge"

 Name of new bridge to tie Kamiamakusa-shi and Uki-shi to partly of "triangle University Yano road" opened on May 20, 2018 was decided to "Amagi Bridge" (tenjokyo)!
 We chose candidate five names of "Heisei Tenmon Bridge" (we shirr, and move thing has fun), and, as for this name, "Amagi Bridge" (tenjokyo) was decided by the next popularity vote "the bear gate bridge" (bear thing has fun) from name by open call for participants "Tenkubashi" (tenkuukyo) "new Tenmon Bridge" (shintemmonkyo).

The situation of application and vote

・The application total number: 2,645 cases
・Total votes: 2,828 votes

 Breakdown of vote

 The bear gate bridge

 New Tenmon Bridge


 Amagi Bridge

 Heisei Tenmon Bridge







Prize winner (one applied for by adopted name)

Next decided "Amagi Bridge" to prize winner as a result of fair lottery by Governor Kabashima from applied for!


 Nagata net state living in Uki-shi


We will present naming memory paper, souvenir, local special product to prize winner.

In addition, unfortunately we will present naming memory paper to (※ 1) applied for to "Amagi Bridge" which there was not with receiving a prize (※ 2).

※Person who specifies the requirements at the time of 1 application

※As the municipalities name of a village became the requirements by 2 Internet about address in applied for, to e-mail address that had you register at the time of application, request of detailed address confirmation e-mails.


Governor Kabashima who draws lots  Governor Kabashima who draws lots

The situation of lottery




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