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Please be careful about the earth and sand disasters

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Please be careful about the earth and sand disasters!

The earth and sand disaster brings serious damage about life. As well as time when many rain falls in the rainy season or typhoon in a short time, Particularly, person living in cliff bottom and foot of a mountain will be careful about harbinger phenomena when it does not rain.

When you heard to see the following phenomenon, with or without evacuation advisory and evacuation order, please evacuate to local and safe place promptly.
 We would like consideration to the elderly in particular and physically disabled person.

Type and harbinger phenomenon of the earth and sand disaster

Mud flood: Phenomenon that stone and the earth and sand meet water by the long rain and torrential rain and spread in the downstream at a stretch. As harbinger phenomenon ●Rumbling of a mountain makes. ●Flow of river has sound voiced suddenly, and driftwood is mixed. ●We smell smell of soil. ●Though it continues to rain, water level of river falls. nadogaaru. Landslide: Phenomenon that slope collapses by the long rain and torrential rain suddenly. As harbinger phenomenon ●Water begins to spring out from cliff. ●Cliff cracks. ●Pebble falls from cliff rushingly. ●Such as I cutting root of tree from cliff; I hear a strange sound. ●House and retaining wall, tree and telephone pole incline. nadogaaru. Landslide: Phenomenon that groundwater soaks into the slippery ground such as clay, and the ground begins to move under the influence. As harbinger phenomenon ●Water of swamp Yai door is muddy. ●There is crazing in the ground. ●Water begins to spring out from slope. ●House and retaining wall crack. ●House and retaining wall, tree and telephone pole incline. nadogaaru

※Phenomenon that we introduced here is not all of harbinger phenomena of the earth and sand disaster occurrence, and, also, the earth and sand disaster may occur even if these phenomena are not seen.
Person living in the earth and sand disaster special caution area (red zone), please examine house move support (the earth and sand disaster danger house move promotion business) to the yellow zone outside.


Please utilize weather information

◎Kumamoto unification type disaster prevention information system
We can confirm weather information in the prefecture, precipitation information, river water level information, risk of landslides information widely.
◎The Meteorological Agency homepage
When it was announced, "landslide warning judgment mesh information" or flood warning that we separate surge of degree of risk of the earth and sand disaster occurrence caused by heavy rain by color on map and showed can confirm "real-time flood risk map" that they showed for aspect where degree of risk increases.
https://www.jma.go.jp/jp/suigaimesh/inund.html We open with the other window(external link)
◎Kumamoto homepage
We can confirm black spot of the earth and sand disaster in the prefecture.
◎Disaster prevention information email service
The latest weather information in the prefecture, evacuation information are sent when we enroll in email service.
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