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The number of Kumamoto hotel guests pulse-taking first-quarter in 2018 (from January to March)

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  • About the prefecture main pivot 39 hotel, inn
    We gathered result of the number of the hotel guests pulse-taking of the first-quarter (H30.1 moon - H30.3 month) in 2018.

    The whole: 99.9% of anti-H29 age synchronization ratios
  •     (84.8% of anti-H28 age synchronization ratios)

    ○Domestic visitor: The anti-H29 age synchronization ratio      91.9%
  •     (84.8% of anti-H28 age synchronization ratios)
    ※ It is the situation that cannot finish being restored in comparison with the situation before Kumamoto earthquake.
  •   For measures such as travel coupons which "Aso (the central part, the southern part) support tour" and the prefecture local government issued for from January to March in H29 year
  •   There were many visitors from Kansai area in particular, but is the reaction; with each area fall of the number of visitors from the Kansai area
  •   We attract attention.
  •   In addition, there is decrease of party traveler accompanied with cancellation and bus charter charges remarkable rise of package tour accompanied with chilliness, too,
  •   Customers did not grow.


○Overseas visitor: 122.2% of anti-H29 age synchronization ratios

  •     (the anti-H28 age synchronization ratio     84.9%)
    ※ Do not reach 84.9% and perfection recovery in comparison with the same period in H28 year which changed at high standard, but smoothly
  •   It becomes recovery basic tone.
  •   As for international lines of regular service 2 lines from Korea suspended after the Kumamoto earthquake having revived for tourist increase
  •   We contribute. In addition, party travelers increased by charter flight of Hong Kong Line having navigated.
  •   << reference >>
  •   The navigation situation of international flight
  •   ・Taiwanese line → It navigates from H28.6 three days a month and starts (three a week roundtrips of fire, gold, day)
  •   ・Korean line → We start tea way aviation regular service navigation in H29.4 month (four a week roundtrips of month, water, gold, day)
  •          ※H29.1 moon from 6th to March 1 charter flight navigation
  •          Air Seoul regular service navigation starts from H29.10 29 days a month
  •          ※H29.4 - October charter flight navigation
  •   ・Hong Kong Line → H29.11 - H30.3 charter flight navigation (two a week roundtrips of tree, day)

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