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The prefectural office green curtain diary 

 In the prefecture, we work on the making of green curtain in prefectural facility as one of the energy saving, warming measures from 2010.
 With green curtain, trained crane-related plants such as bitter gourds over nets which we put on the outside and wall surface of window and overturned like curtain. It is one of energy saving, the warming measures that there is chilling effect with water transpired by positive zashiosaegiru effect and plant to this curtain, and anyone is easy to work on relatively cheaply.
Eco-life logo like Kumamoto
 We tell about growth of green curtain (bitter gourd) which we installed in prefectural government building as part of "eco-life like Kumamoto" promotion in this page.
 ※Eco-life like Kumamoto
  Match with climate and climate, custom of Kumamoto while making use of citizen of the prefecture characteristics of Kumamoto,
 We choose style that each citizen of the prefecture is continued and take in in life and are citizen of the prefecture acting as a body
 It is to spend environment carefully.

[about seedling and net of bitter gourd]
 About seedling, net which we used for green curtain of the prefectural office, we had you provide from the following people.
  Seedling: Chrysanthemum positive green curtain promotion meeting
  Net: Kumamoto Fisheries Cooperatives (we use net for paste culture that became unnecessary)
[effect of way of raising, setting of bitter gourd]
[song of green curtain]
 "Ken Chan's belt" led by Kenichi Matsumoto of member of Kumamoto prevention of global warming activity promotion was produced with wish of the green curtain spread.


Kumamoto folkcraft building, green curtain of Isshochi Station

 We had photograph of folkcraft building which set up green curtain.
 In addition, as part of the green curtain spread in area, we introduce green curtain which we installed in Isshochi Station of Kuma-mura.
Kumamoto folkcraft buildingIsshochi Station

It is green curtain of "gourd" of Kumamoto folkcraft building.

We grow up to top of net. When leaves grow thick a little more, effect as curtain seems to be finished, too.

It is green curtain which we installed in Isshochi Station of Kuma-mura.

We welcome people who came in homecoming and trip in cool Midori.


See; corner nursery school summer festival (H30.8.4)

 Dishes using bitter gourd which saw, and was harvested with green curtain by summer festival of corner nursery school performed on Saturday, August 4
 It was behaved. By menu that dietician of nursery school was thought about, we had deliciously all.
 We publish recipe distributed by summer festival. Please make everybody!

    (recipe) Bitter gourd boiled in soy, bitter gourd with tuna Mayo, vegetables with dressing of bitter gourd, bitter gourd Tips

         Cookie of bitter gourd, bitter gourd dumpling, cheese steamed bread of bitter gourd

Summer festival

Explanation of bitter gourdCookie
Many bitter gourd dishes were served.We were introduced how to choose delicious bitter gourds and information such as nutrients.It is cookie of bitter gourd. We hardly feel bitterness of bitter gourd and are dishes which child is easy to eat.
Bitter gourd dishesSteamed cakeTempura
It is vegetables with dressing of bitter gourd. Bitterness of bitter gourd and flavor of bonito match.It is steamed bread of bitter gourd. Chopped bitter gourd enters small. There was little bitterness, and this was popular among children, too.It is bitter gourd Tips. For slightly bitter taste, it is most suitable for snacks.


 Bitter gourd dishes recipe (see corner nursery school) (PDF: 648.7 kilobytes) We open with the other window

It is state of green curtain.

It arrives to the second floor.


See; of corner nursery school afterwards (H30.7.27)

 Planted on Thursday, June 14, saw, and, from corner nursery school, had current photograph.
 After the plantation, care such as watering is done in nursery school and local old man society (saisakirojinkai).
 It is wonderful example to work on green curtain with the whole area. Bitter gourd grew up smoothly, too, and fruits seem to have been harvested.
 In addition, by "see finish nursery school summer festival" held on Saturday, August 4 using bitter gourd is behaved dishes. I'm excited!
    See; corner nursery school

(the prefectural office) Crop! (H30.7.27)

 Bows reached growth, the second floor smoothly, too. And we harvested bitter gourds which grew safely at last!

 Receptionist of the prefectural office Main Building lobby is horizontal and distributes bitter gourd which we harvested.

 Distribution is irregular, but please confirm when it was stopped at the prefectural office.

Green curtain 0727Bitter gourd distribution

Bows reached the second floor.

The prefectural office Main Building lobby receptionist is horizontal and distributes bitter gourd which we harvested.



(the prefectural office) Fruit grows up smoothly, too! (H30.7.23)

 The rainy season is over, and hot day continues.
 It is severe environment for tropical night and person, but, on tropical day of day after day, bitter gourd grows up well.
 Small fruit grew up in 13~14cm hodo. It is crop soon!
Fruit of bitter gourdCurtain
Fruit of bitter gourd which grew up. It is just an inch to crop.

Curtain became very expensive, too.

Some leaves of lower became yellow and performed additional fertilizing as nourishment did not seem to be enough.


(the prefectural office) Typhoon pass (H30.7.5)

 In Kumamoto, considerably strong wind blew, and net of green curtain was greatly shaken by approach of typhoon No.7, too.

 The next day is fine weather by typhoon pass. However, leaf was broken by strong wind when we confirmed bitter gourd and we rubbed with net and ached.


 But discovery that, meanwhile, is nice! We found the body of bitter gourd which became the first in this season!

 It is smaller, but wants to look forward to being greatly brought up.

Leaf of damaged bitter gourdFruit of bitter gourd
           Leaf which was broken by strong wind of typhoon       The true first of bitter gourd! It is still approximately 3cm


(the prefectural office) Bitter gourd grows up rapidly! (H30.6.28)

 About one month passed from plantation. Fast-growing thing grows up to about 2m.
 Yellow flower of bitter gourd blooms in spots.
 The prefectural office 0628 1 The prefectural office 0628 2
 It is male flower (aunt) most that is blooming now. It becomes a little earlier that female flower (mebana) having fruit begins to bloom. 
 Female flower (mebana) having fruit seems to bloom a lot on child vine, grandchild vine.
 Case that wants to harvest fruits a lot as by making nipping (we cut point of pro-vine), child vine, grandchild vine come out,
 When you want to let curtains grow thick widely, please perform nipping.
 Please refer to how to raise bitter gourds flyer for methods of nipping.    How to raise bitter gourds (PDF: 768.6 kilobytes) We open with the other window


About setting effect of green curtain

 We confirmed setting effect of green curtain in the prefecture in 2017.   
ThermographyRoom temperature result of a measurement
After measuring outer wall using thermography, in part which became Hyuga behind green curtain, difference of about 14 degrees Celsius was seen.After measuring indoor temperature, room where we installed green curtain in understood that up to 2.2 degrees Celsius was cooler than room which we did not establish.
  We publish this result in flyer of way of raising of green curtain. Please use freely. 

Of Amakusa City Ariake elementary school afterwards (H30.6.15)

 It is the later state of Ariake Elementary School.

 As wind was strong place, seedling did not fall down or we were worried, but grew up well. Flower has already bloomed, too.

 It is aluminum foil that silver shows in right photograph and it covers leaf and is experimented on photosynthesis. 

 6/15 Ariake Elementary School 1 6/15 Ariake Elementary School 2

About the green curtain spread in area

 At Kumamoto stop warming citizen of the prefecture acting as a body campaign promotion meeting, we work by setting, the spread of green curtains chiefly.
 In 2017, we installed green curtain in 570 temporary housing caused by Kumamoto earthquake, house 21 of all.
 We decided to plan the spread of green curtains which further rooted in area from 2018 and, led by member of Kumamoto prevention of global warming activity promotion to work in each prefectural area, installed green curtain for model this year in the prefecture 5 area (Kumamoto-shi, Arao-shi, Uki-shi, Amakusa-shi, Kuma-mura).

Amakusa City Ariake elementary school (H30.5.9 setting)

Song of learning society green curtainPlantation (Ariake Elementary School)Whole view (Ariake Elementary School)
After having done learning society of green curtain in classroom, we sang Ken Chan's and song of green curtain.KUMAMON participated, too and helped with plantation.State of green curtain which we installed in the school building south side. It will become excellent curtain in summer.

Arao-shi (H30.5.25 setting)

Net setting (Arao)Plantation (Arao)Two pieces of setting
Setting in ordinary household. We drive stake and fix the lower part of net.Finally we plant to planter.We installed for two pieces here.

Kuma-mura (H30.5.30 setting)

2, Kumamura1, Kumamura3, Kumamura
Setting in Kamize nursery school. We seem to do pool play under green curtain.Notice during "green curtain challenge." We think that bitter gourds grow thick so that this passes out of sight in summer.We installed in Isshochi Station. Of where station is used should heal.

Kumamoto-shi (H30.6.13 setting)

Kumamoto-shi 4Kumamoto-shi 1Kumamoto-shi 2
We had Eiji Shibato, Washiro of member of Kumamoto prevention of global warming activity promotion lecture on about approaches of green curtain.Setting in ordinary household. We installed in the entrance side.We set up to roof. We seem to come by family pleasure of home life while enjoying the cool air behind the green curtain.

Look at Uki-shi; corner nursery school (H30.6.14 setting)

See; corner nursery school 1See; corner nursery school 2See; corner nursery school 3
We had you talk about global warming from Hashigaki of member of Kumamoto prevention of global warming activity promotion.People of local old man society cooperated with nursery school and installed.We installed net for 13 pieces in the east side of nursery school. Width is what 23m. We look forward to growth of bitter gourd.

(the prefectural office) Two weeks later (H30.6.11)

 It is two weeks from plantation. Bitter gourd became breeding, approximately 60cm smoothly.
 We catch net by vine and grow up to the top to the top.
  Two weeks later 1 Two weeks later 2

(the prefectural office) The plantation next day (H30.5.30)

 It is state of the plantation next day. It affects net well.

 Watering is very important for growth of bitter gourd. At the prefectural office, we perform twice watering of morning and evening.

  The plantation next day 1 The plantation next day 2  


(the prefectural office) We installed green curtain (H30.5.29)

 We had KUMAMON and children of Suizenji nursery school come and planted seedling of bitter gourd in the prefectural office Main Building south side.

 We get spirit of all and think that seedling of bitter gourd greatly grows.

Explanation of bitter gourdSong of bitter gourdKUMAMON exercises

We had Kazuyo Shibato of chrysanthemum positive green curtain promotion meeting explain green curtain of bitter gourd.

With wish, we sang "song of green curtain" together to be greatly brought up.

KUMAMON appearance! We danced KUMAMON exercises together. As for the seedling in spirit!


Plantation explanationPlantation 1Plantation 2
Children receiving explanation from Eiji Shibato of chrysanthemum positive green curtain promotion meeting about plantation method.With seedling, we planted together.We wear gloves and help with KUMAMON.
©2010 Kumamoto KUMAMON


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