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Inspection of influence of Kumamoto earthquake pertaining to "each the prefecture local future image after ordinance-designated city birth"

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We inspected influence of Kumamoto earthquake pertaining to "each the prefecture local future image after ordinance-designated city birth"

 "The future image of each prefectural area after ordinance-designated city birthWe open with the other window" devised so-called "area vision" to show directionality of approach that we made use of identity and strength in each the prefecture area in based on ordinance-designated city shift of Kumamoto-shi in December, 2011.
 After the development of local vision, new approach with characteristic realized birth along "directionality of main approach" that we showed in that in each area.
 On the other hand, as for the population of this prefecture, population in 2060 of this prefecture estimates that it isWe open with the other window to about 1.176 million if natural wastage, transference more than the number of the birth are in state of society decrease more than transference, and the number of the death takes measures against nothing in trend toward decreases as it is after 1998.
 Kumamoto earthquake occurred in such inside, April, 2016. This prefecture advocates the speedy life rebuilding and creative revival and devises "Kumamoto restoration, revival four years strategyWe open with the other window" and pushes forward approach for the realization steadily. We include approach of district construction that we pushed forward based on area vision ahead of the whole country in strategy other than approach of restoration, revival from Kumamoto earthquake for these four years and are planning the acceleration.
 However, Kumamoto earthquake brings various environment changes in each prefectural area around Kumamoto urban area eastern part and Aso area where damage in particular was heavy, and some says that we are concerned about influence on image in the future.
 Therefore, we called and inspected opinion of each area about new approach that stood on environment change and the influence, new approach to receive earthquake disaster, and to think that it was important, change of social conditions except earthquake disaster that Kumamoto earthquake brought while population decline and low birthrate and aging advanced, and importance of family and local bond was strongly conscious of.

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