[urgently!] Consumers trouble warning No. 76 - used car purchase trouble ...

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[urgently!] Consumers trouble warning No. 76

Used car purchase trouble 


[consultation example]


・We purchased used car in net, but car which arrived leaked oil. Run is not so good, and I hear a strange sound and think that we cannot move anytime.

・As we found used car of car model that we looked for in net, we purchased. Car which arrived has many wound and shoku* sega and does not like. We did not know in photograph judging from net.

・We purchased used car in flea market and paid the price, but said that we wanted you to cancel business because we delivered to another person by mistake of exhibitor.



[advice to consumers]


・There is merit to be cheap in comparison with new article, but, as for the used goods, there are many risks, too. The quality greatly varies according to use states of the former owner. As malfunction may produce even new article, possibility is enough, and normal defect (lend) which we cannot discover even if we pay attention may be found if besides it becomes used goods. You must not seek quality that is equal to new article to used goods. Let's purchase after having had understanding (readiness) of it.

・It is difficult for consumers to ascertain quality and cannot confirm the goods if besides it becomes net shopping. It may be said that this is risk.

・As car is expensive product in used goods that there is number, particularly careful examination and strong readiness are necessary. Let's confirm kondeshon (the mileage or restoration career) of contents and car of contract in detail. In addition, in the case of selling over the count, let's take a test ride to hear detailed talk as much as possible while seeing spot goods.



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