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General building department

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School specialized in Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labour high grade technique 
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We aim at superior skill person carrying the next times!

[more than person of compulsory education completion 15/two years course capacity]

 We bring up person of superior skill to create buildings which there was in environment of Japan (building carpenter).
 We learn techniques such as wooden sumi charge account, processing, assembling from foundation work mainly on wooden construction architecture of convention traditional method of construction from how to sharpen knives of carpenter tool and how to use saw plane chisels at the beginning and learn technique to build house.
 We work on problem by each person in first graders and raise basic skill and make full-scale building with collaboration with group in second graders.


Can acquire; qualification, course

 Can acquire; qualification


○The second grade certified technician "building carpenter"

○The third grade certified technician "building carpenter"

○Identification of autogenous welding skill class completion

○Identification of arc welding special education completion

○Grinding and identification of stone special education completion

○Identification of small construction machine driving special education completion

○Circular saws educate the handling work worker security hygiene (18 years or older)

○Assistant certified technician (skill collation passer)

○The welfare living environment coordinator (the second grade)

○The second grade authorized architect (high-school graduate person is work experience of two years after the completion eligibility requirements for an examination)

○Engineering firm which specializes in wooden house

○Engineering firm which specializes in Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine architecture

○Building drawing office

○Construction-related enterprise (housing part, form, building sheet metal)


◆Charm and characteristic of course◆

★We can acquire two national qualifications of the third grade certified technician and the second grade certified technician.

★Because we know as knowledge in practical training, we acquire genuine ability before building up.

★Building drawing by drafter and CAD necessary for building design becomes able to depict.

★There is job offer from many companies, the rate of employment of job applicant is 100%.

★Workplace can play an active part in construction industry as building carpenter, carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples, form carpenter, authorized architect.

★Let alone own house and house of family, we can build building left in history by own arm in the future.

★Only junior high school becomes easy to get qualification of graduation from high school by skill cooperation system toward the graduation.



First grader

SubjectPractical skill
National language, society, physical education, mathematics, building structure, building drafting, steel frame structure, building production, housing plan, building facilities, surveyingWork training, the container tool direction for uses, machine operation basics training, surveying basics training


Care for one year chiselOne year plane kezuri training

Care for knife training

We sharpen plane and receive practical training



One year basics coupling processing trainingOne year sumi charge account training

Coupling, means processing training

Sumi charge account training

One year training problem

1 annual training problem


Second grader

SubjectPractical skill
Society, physical education, construction plan, kikujutsu, specifications multiplication, the building dynamics, building CAD, building environmental engineering, the law, building design draftingWooden building construction training, form, concrete construction, machine operation basics training


Two years machine operation trainingTwo years training

Machine operation basics training

Wooden building construction training

Two years concrete trainingTwo years training problem

The concrete basics construction training

Training problem (2 stories house) next time main for two years


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School specialized in Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labour high grade technique
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