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The number of the registration companies of multilingual call center was beyond 300 cases for Kumamoto 24 hours!

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With Rugby World Cup 2019, holding of large-scale international athletic meet including women's handball world championships and Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics competition size near at hand, maintenance of acceptance environment of foreign tourist that further increase is anticipated becomes important.


Therefore, (that this prefecture manages multilingual call center from points of view of improvement in convenience of foreign tourist for Kumamoto 24 hours from April 25, 2018

We carried out inbound measures briefing session from June through July in five prefecture in 2018 and promoted registration, the use of multilingual call center in that for Kumamoto 24 hours (conduct report (PDF of [attached sheet 2] inbound measures briefing session: 112.5 kilobytes)We open with the other window).


There was such a background, too, and, in "the call center for the prefecture companies multilingual for Kumamoto 24 hours", the number of the registration companies became 346. (as of July 31, 2018).

We promote the use to be able to enjoy sightseeing of Kumamoto for reliable security toward the foreign tourist more comfortably sequentially!

In addition, we place in prefectural HP about information (reference materials (PDF: 3.34 megabytes)We open with the other window) such as assistance business pertaining to visit to Japan foreigner acceptance environment maintenance that we explained by inbound measures briefing session and publicize widely and decide to promote the use.







About the use of call center situation multilingual for Kumamoto 24 hours (as of July 31, 2018)


○The number of the registration companies (areas)




   The north of the prefecture

   Prefecture center

   The south of the prefecture


  The sum total











○The number of monthly use

    April    May    June    July    The sum total
    30    153   158    161    502



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