September 10 is day of the sewer

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September 10 is day of the sewer


Origin of day of the sewer

 On "day of the sewer", it began for the purpose of the nationwide spread of sewers that maintenance was late for 1961 (Showa 36) as "the whole country sewer promotion day".
Afterwards, having reached 100 years from 1900 (Meiji 33) when old Sewage Water Law was established in 2001 (Heisei 13) and thing equal to year of start of the 21st century
It was switched from this as more familiar name on "day of the sewer".

Why was it September 10?

 As "exclusion of rainwater" that was one of the roles of the sewer was important, it was set with meaning to warn on this day when we counted from Risshun (around February 4) and hit for (nihyakuhatsuka) for 220 days because there were many typhoons on around September 10.
 ※For 220 days (nihyakuhatsuka), it is one in miscellaneous seasonal day (zatsusetsu) becoming indication of the seasonal changes. In the times when we were not able to predict typhoon, we were considered to be unlucky day of farmhouse which weather worsened.

The sewer promotion motto (2019)

 "Gold medal for the sewer invisible work"

Role of the sewer

 We clean 1 "filthy water" and return to river and the sea
 We prevent outbreak of 2 pests and bad smell
 3 removes rain which it rained quickly and protects gusset from the inundation
Taking the opportunity of "day of the sewer", do you not think about role and right how to use sewer?
We will connect pure water which is treasure of Kumamoto from now on in defense, the future.

North Kumamoto Purification Center
 North Kumamoto Purification Center
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