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About public announcement of change branch plan based on guidelines about location on large store (forest of Yumetaun light)

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About public announcement of specific large store change branch plan based on "guidelines about location on large store"


 As there was submission of specific large store change branch plan on September 4, 2018, we publish the content.


Name of 1 identification large store

Forest of Yumetaun light


Setting place of 2 identification large stores

7-33-1, Hikarinomori, Kikuyo-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto


Scale of 3 identification large stores

              It is before change         After the change         zoshofun  

* Store area: 39,897 square meters     47,354 square meters     7,457 square meters   

* Building area: 45,535 square meters       49,832 square meters       4,297 square meters

* Plottage: 64,529 square meters       79,506 square meters       14,977 square meters

* Parking number: 3,384                       3,740        356

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