"Throughout the life active plaza Kumamoto" had open!

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  We received adoption of "life active play promotion regional alliances business" of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare with it was Kumamoto life active play promotion regional alliances meeting to constitute in Kumamoto and matching organization or trade group, elderly person affiliate pertaining to working in the prefecture and, around the fields such as care, child care, agriculture, retail, pushed forward working support of elderly person and launched synthesis consultation counter (throughout the life active plaza Kumamoto) as part of the approach on Friday, September 7, 2018 and performed the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony

The holding date and time, place

 The date and time: From Friday, September 7, 2018 2:00 p.m.
 Place: In front of plaza Kumamoto throughout the life active Kumamoto synthesis the first floor of the welfare center


 Matching organization and trade group pertaining to working in the prefecture participate 22 such as elderly person affiliates

Constitution group

 ○Matching organization
  Nonprofit foundation Kumamoto silver human resources center federation Kumamoto blandness head Kotobuki foundation
  The Kumamoto welfare human resources, training center          Public interest incorporated foundation industrial job security center Kumamoto office
 ○Care, childcare, medical care
  Kumamoto welfare for the elderly facility meeting
  Association of Kumamoto health center for the elderly
  Social welfare corporation Kumamoto Council of Social Welfare
  Association of Kumamoto childcare
  Kumamoto childcare meeting
  Federation of Kumamoto-shi nursery school
  Nonprofit foundation Kumamoto Medical Association
  Nonprofit foundation Kumamoto nursing society
  Kumamoto Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives
  Association of Kumamoto agricultural corporation
 ○Commerce and industry
  Kumamoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  Kumamoto business and industry society federation
  The Kumamoto medium and small-sized business group center society
  Association of Kumamoto manager
  Kumamoto industrial support foundation
 ○Elderly person relations
  Nonprofit foundation Kumamoto golden age club federation
 ○Working support
  Incorporated administrative agency advanced age, obstacle, jobseeker employment support mechanism Kumamoto Branch


 1 open type
 2 addresses
Deputy-Governor Ono
  (Deputy-Governor of Ono, Kumamoto)
   In the prefecture, we install elderly person for free employment agency in 11 prefecture from 1992 and cooperate with other matching organization
  Now that worked on working mediation while doing, but companies were resigned from the baby boom generation, approach of elderly person working
  As we receive business adoption of country and push forward approach to plan further reinforcement of this, we would like your cooperation
  Principle was given.
 3 guest congratulatory addresses
   Toward a variety of needs grasp of elderly person by "throughout the life active plaza Kumamoto", the elderly person employment to the company side
  When suggestion of creation of ta understanding promotion and work makes up for part which we were not able to reach so far and runs over,
  "Work-style reform" that can choose way of working that it is connected for maintenance of the employment environment of young people carrying the next generation, and is various
  It was spoken that we backed up this business totally as prefectural assembly to lead to this.
 Representative of promotion regional alliances meeting constitution group greetings throughout the life active 4 Kumamoto 
Chairperson Yamada
  (association of Kumamoto health center for the elderly Chairperson Yamada)
   Medical care, the care industry is serious, too; become understaffed, and securing of human resources becomes top priority problem of the industry.
  On the other hand, because person with will to act well comes to area a lot, "life active play plaza Kumamoto"
  But, expect that by functioning enough, is connected for cancellation that is short of many industrial human resources occurring on the site
  It was spoken that we needed.  
Chairperson Sakurai
  (Kumamoto medium and small-sized business group center society Chairperson Sakurai)
   In the windows which can talk about with symbol and Web site, anything in "throughout the life active plaza Kumamoto" until now
  We seem to disseminate information of product for elderly people who are not similar and expect very much. In addition, superior technique and experience
  It is prop and bare fine weather and others of medium and small-sized business that it is that provide place of achievement in society to elderly people having this again
  It was shii approach, and it was spoken that we medium and small-sized business support organization cooperated totally.
 Public announcement of 5 symbols
   Deputy-Governor Ono unveiled and published symbol of elderly person working.
It is before unveilingUnveilingPose

It is before unveiling


Pose of "ultra man who came home"

  Symbol with ultra acquaintances with ultra ability with ultra experience said so
We are born from basic concept called "ultra man that elderly person (65+) is plus in society". 
Symbol + ultra man
  In addition, to give this symbol impact, kyaraku which is familiar to the baby boom generation and the post-baby boom generation
 We decided to use ta "ultra man".
  For utilization of "ultra man who came home" for elderly people "return once again, and shine in society
 Message do you not read?is put. .

  In addition, utilization of ultra man has you approve of approach of this meeting from Tsuburaya production

 It came true.




 6 tape cutting

   In commemoration of open of "throughout the life active plaza Kumamoto", we cut the tape.
It is before tape cuttingAfter the tape cutting



 7 taking a ceremonial photograph
   Finally we performed taking a ceremonial photograph of various places of attendance in the opening ceremony.
Taking a ceremonial photograph (handshake)Taking a ceremonial photograph (pose)

With promotion regional alliances meeting throughout the life active Kumamoto

Setup of the current situation and meeting of one prefecture

    This prefecture is one of the best long Shou County in the whole country, and, as for the average life expectancy, certification for long-term care rate of people under 75 is fine with approximately 4% from 65 years old after man and woman is high-ranking nationwide together
   While a lot of elderly people have will that 70% or more of elderly person act on even as for 65 years old again, real employment rate is the situation remaining in about 20%. On the other hand,
   Lack of human resources is the worsening situation by revival demand for Kumamoto earthquake.
    Therefore, by promoting various working that accepted hope and ability of cheerful elderly person, for social realization "glistening with longevity", plan cancellation that is short of human resources,
   We aim at building the relationship of WINWIN between elderly person and company.
    ※WIN of elderly person: ikigaizukuri, securing of income, securing of health, social participation, contribution
    ※WIN of company: Securing of work force, inflection of knowledge, skill, ability, elderly person's experience 

Emphasis type of industry to promote 2 elderly person working

   "Agriculture" "medical the welfare" "commerce and industry" (mainly retail business)

3 past Ayumi

   Establishment of promotion regional alliances meeting throughout the life active in November, 2017 Kumamoto
   We adopt as conduct group of "throughout the life active promotion regional alliances business" of country in May, 2018
   Consignment contract with July, 2018 country and meeting, meeting secretariat setup

Main business outline that 4 meetings perform

  (1) Setting of general consultation counter, symbol making of elderly person working, construction of Web site
      →Is plain for unification, elderly person of information and window; disseminate information
  (2) Holding of general fair, conduct of the workplace experience
      →It is provided opportunity to know by work that elderly person varies
  (3) Company visit, holding (update) of general fair
      →Active suggestion for the elderly person employment for company
  (4) Support of problem solution that cooperated with area (the municipalities)
      →We carry out support from aspect of securing of human resources for problem solution in the municipalities
  (5) Introduction of working matching support system (GBER) in connection with the laboratory of Univ. of Tokyo tip
      →In cooperation with the University of Tokyo tip technology research center concluding inclusion agreement with the prefecture, introduce GBER which the University of Tokyo developed, elderly person, company
       We plan utilization to depend on this.

Implementation period of 5 business

    From July 2, 2018 to March 31, 2021

Web site of 6 meetings

    Web site of meeting is this place.

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