October 1 is day of septic tank

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"The pivot septic tank which supports country of water"
 The 33rd "day of septic tank" motto best work
 Upper agriculture multi-Yoshimi (Ishikawa)

Origin of "day of septic tank"

 "Septic tank law" that arranged systems about septic tank on October 1, 1985 was enforced entirely. In commemoration of this, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Construction (in those days) advocated from 1987, and October 1 was established every year with "day of septic tank". We assume this day opportunity and will think about domestic septic tank.



Type and function of septic tank

 Because septic tank cleans dirty water found at home using function of microbe, it is facilities which are important at all in protecting water regime of the earth. Well, do you know that there are "independent processing septic tank" and two kinds of "merger processing septic tank" to this septic tank? Which is septic tank of your home?



Independent processing septic tank

 We handle only drainage of restroom, and processing septic tank releases life waste water from miscellaneous sources (※) such as kitchen or washing, bath to river and the sea as non-processing alone. Therefore, much dirty water will just flow into river and the sea.

 ※ Life waste water from miscellaneous sources: We excluded drainage of restroom from drainage to be given from everyday life of ordinary household.



Merger processing septic tank

 Merger processing septic tank processes including life waste water from miscellaneous sources such as kitchen or washing, bath as well as water of restroom.



I would like cooperation of everybody!

 We ask merger processing septic tank for change with independent processing septic tank in home of errand to keep clean water regime in Kumamoto Sewage Environmental Management Division. In addition, it usually asks for right how to use that intention, periodical maintenance check and cleaning, provision of once a year are examined that septic tank shows function enough and keeps environment where microbe is easy to act on.

 Taking the opportunity of "day of septic tank", we know role and right how to use septic tank and we will protect beautiful water which is treasure of Kumamoto from now on and will leave in the future.

Kumamoto household wastewater measures image character "drainage"

Kumamoto household wastewater measures image character "drainage"

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