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Introduction of prize for citizens of Kumamoto honor prize winner

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About prize for citizens of Kumamoto honor

 We confer citizens of Kumamoto honor Prize on being loved and respected widely in Kumamoto by citizen of the prefecture, and giving hope and vitality to praise the honor for remarkable achievements which there was.

 Memory plants a tree, and successive memorial trees come, and, with meaning to honor achievements of won people for future, agency greets done various places in ginkgo row of trees (promenade) in front of the prefectural office main building.


List of prize for citizens of Kumamoto honor prize winners

◆Yasuhiro Yamashita (Yasuhiro who let stop) [receiving a prize day: on August 25, 1984]

 ・We win gold medal in the Los Angeles Olympics judo open-weight division.
 ・World judo championship the third straight victory, all-Japan judo championship the eighth straight victory.
 ・We left unreached overwhelming achievements in judo world.
Yamashita memorial treeYamashita signboard
Memorial tree (camphor tree) of Yasuhiro YamashitaSignboard (signboard) of memorial tree


◆Isao Arita (pole which there wants to be) [receiving a prize day: on April 22, 1988]


 ・As official of WHO (the World Health Organization), we visit South America, Asia, African countries frequently and contribute to the extermination of smallpox that was fear of the human.
 ・World-famous medical scientist whom native district produced.
Arita memorial treeArita signboard
Memorial tree (camphor tree) of Isao AritaSignboard (signboard) of memorial tree

◆Shingo Suetsugu (suetsugushingo) [receiving a prize day: on October 8, 2003]

  ・We win bronze medal by World Championships in Athletics championship Paris Games men's 200 meters.
  ・The first medal acquisition Japanese in short-range item. We achieve the first splendid achievement in 103 years as Asian.
  ・We established history of land short distance world of Japan anew. 
Suetsugu memorial treeSuetsugu signboard
Memorial tree (Higo sasanqua) of Shingo SuetsuguSignboard (signboard) of memorial tree

◆Charlie Nagatani (charinagatani) [receiving a prize day: on April 21, 2005]

 ・For 50 years, develop music activity solely for country music in home and abroad, of cultural exchange and Kumamoto in Japan and the U.S. is contribution to disseminating information.
Charlie memorial treeCharlie signboard
Memorial tree (Higo sasanqua) of Charlie NagataniSignboard (signboard) of memorial tree

◆Yuri Fudo (fudoyuuri) [receiving a prize day: on December 16, 2011]

 ・We achieved tour inclusion of period 50 wins at the youngest in history and, in the women's pro golf in Japan, put overwhelming results.
 ・We played a big role to pull proette from these many prefectures. 
Fudo memorial treeFudo signboard
Memorial tree (Tsubaki Higo) of Hiromasa FudoSignboard (signboard) of memorial tree

◆It is good fence rock law Mizuki Fujii (go to fujiimizuki, persimmon reason); [receiving a prize day: on August 24, 2012]

 ・We win silver medal by the London Olympics badminton women's doubles in 2012.
 ・Medal acquisition in the Olympics item achieved Japanese historic splendid achievement to be naive. 
fujikaki memorial treefujikaki signboard
Memorial tree (Tsubaki Higo) of Fujii, Kakiiwa (fujikakipea)Signboard (signboard) of memorial tree

◆Tetsuharu Kawakami (kawakamitetsuharu) [receiving a prize day: on December 12, 2013]

 ・Achievement that is unique unless we made history of the Japanese baseball world.
 ・"God of blow" achievement to be invited to achieves unreached great achievement called Japan Series the ninth straight victory (V9) again for the Manager at Giants era for the player era.
 ・Prewar days gave Japanese citizen of the postwar reconstruction period courage and hope.
Kawakami memorial treeKawakami signboard
Memorial tree (Tsubaki Higo) of Tetsuji KawakamiSignboard (signboard) of memorial tree


◆Koji Akiyama (Akiyama grows on) [receiving a prize day: on February 23, 2015] 

 ・Outstanding performance to remain as professional baseball player, supervision for history.
 ・It becomes number one in Japan for achievement, supervisor who had sosemeshu twice and, for the player era, leaves bright grade.
 ・Achievement to be able to say that it is pride of citizen of the prefecture by achievement to give Japanese citizen impression and courage.
Akiyama memorial treeAkiyama signboard
Memorial tree (Tsubaki Higo) of Koji AkiyamaSignboard (signboard) of memorial tree


◆Eiichiro Oda (odaeiichirou) [receiving a prize day: on April 15, 2018] 

 ・Comic artist who it is author of comics "ONE PIECE", and is proud to the world.
 ・Comic is issued in 42 or more countries and territories and authorizes as "comics series by single writer who was issued most" in "Guinness world record ®".
 ・We have you make an effort for reconstruction aid from Kumamoto earthquake through "ONE PIECE Kumamoto revival project".
Image of rufi

Image of rufi [bronze statue of main character of comics "ONE PIECE"]  ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

※Replacing with memorial tree, "revival of Kumamoto" is set up as "emblem" working with the prefecture by promenade.











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