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We raise Kumamoto my river support agreement conclusion groups!

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We raise Kumamoto my river support agreement conclusion groups!


Business explanation

 "Kumamoto my river support business" is business to support individual and group performing weeding and cleaning, volunteer of beautification activity such as planting of flower in river which the prefecture manages. 

Contents of support

 We carry out the next support depending on hope of person of activity. In addition, in support, there are constant requirements each. In addition, it is necessary to have you conclude agreement with the prefecture to receive support.
 (a) Issue of (work gloves, garbage bag, fuel for mowing machine) such as tools necessary for beautification activity
 (i) Participation of accident insurance for acting accident 
 (u) Setting (note 1) of adapt signature (-labeled signboard) to publicize activity
 (e) Dispatch (note 2, note 5) of worker "weeding supporter" who can use shawl-style mowing machine
 (o) Transportation of garbage which we collected by beautification activity and disposal (note 2, note 5)
 (xiv) Supply (note 3, note 4, note 5) of reward (activity reward) for beautification activity
    There are requirements about the activity number of times or the activity continuation situation for note one year.
  When it is difficult to work on enough beautification when we do not receive note 2 support, we limit.
  Groups which can receive note 3 support limit to volunteer groups to organize in NPO, neighborhood association, women's society, old man society, other local people.
  When there are 2 or more activity results for note four years, it is limited.
  When we receive support of note 5 (e) or (o), we cannot receive support of (mosquito) by the end of the same year.

Application procedure

 Please submit application dossier to window of the following prefecture by bringing or mail. If we confirm activity place and activity contents after having accepted application dossier, and there are not any problems with safety, we bind agreement together with applicant in the prefecture. Based on this agreement, the prefecture supports. 

Application dossier and style

 Depending on support contents to hope for other than map (style option) which showed participation application, person of activity list, activity plan, acting place, please submit supply applications such as beautification activity equipments, volunteer activity insurance participation application. In addition, we do not publish two pieces of volunteer activity insurance participation applications for copying here. Required person, please contact window of the prefecture.


 When addition of support contents or change is hoped for in groups which have already concluded agreement with the prefecture, please submit "business change wish".


    Inquiry and application

 For more details, please refer from activity place to each nearest Regional Administrative Headquarters (as for Department of Civil Engineering maintenance section, the Central Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters engineering works management section), each Regional Promotion Bureau (Department of Civil Engineering maintenance Coordination Division) or prefectural office Rivers Division.


The location of activity place

Regional Administrative Headquarters of charge

Regional Promotion Bureau

Contact information


Central Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters
(Kumamoto Civil Engineering Office)


1-20, Hachiojicho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi


Uto-shi, Uki-shi, Misato-machi

Uki Area Promotion Bureau

400-1, Matsubasemachikugu, Uki-shi
Mifune-machi, Kashima-machi, Mashiki-machi, Kosa-machi, Yamato-cho

Kamimashiki Area Promotion Bureau

265, Gebao, Yamato-cho, Kamimashiki-gun
Kikuchi-shi, Koshi-shi, Ozu-machi, Kikuyo-machi

Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters

1272-10, Waifu, Kikuchi-shi
Arao-shi, Tamana-shi, Gyokuto-machi, Nagomi-machi, Nankan-machi, Nagasu-machi

Tamana Area Promotion Bureau

1004-1, Iwasaki, Tamana-shi

Kamoto Area Promotion Bureau

1026-3, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi
Aso-shi, Minamioguni-machi, Oguni-machi, Ubuyama-mura, Takamori-machi, Minamiaso-mura, Nishihara-mura

Aso Area Promotion Bureau

2402, Ichinomiyamachimiyaji, Aso-shi
Yatsushiro-shi, Hikawa-cho

Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters

1660, Nishikatamachi, Yatsushiro-shi
Minamata-shi, Ashikita-machi, Tsunagi-machi

Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau

2670, Ashikita, Ashikita-machi, Ashikitagun
Hitoyoshi-shi, Nishiki-machi, Taragi-machi, Yunomae-machi, Mizukami-mura, Sagara-mura, Itsuki-mura, Yamae-mura, Kuma-mura, Asagiri-cho

Kuma Area Promotion Bureau

86-1, Nishiaidashimomachi, Hitoyoshi-shi
Kamiamakusa-shi, Amakusa-shi, Reihoku-machi

Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters

3530, Imagamashinmachi, Amakusa-shi


The prefectural office Rivers Division
(management group)

6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi




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