To get rid of understanding Island ... prejudice and discrimination to carry for Hansen's disease definitely; ...

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What kind of disease is Q Hansen's disease?
 A Hansen's disease is infection with "Mycobacterium leprae".
  In 1873 (Meiji 6), Norwegian Hansen doctor discovered and asks "Mycobacterium leprae"
 It turns out that it is infection with u bacteria.
    Transformation apparently to be identified as Hansen's disease for disease that skin and peripheral nerve are attacked occurs and
 Symptoms include, stupor, sight obstacle.
  However, "Infectious Disease Law" which is classified from general standpoint including weight of infection power and symptom
 We do not begin target disease of this.
 ※"Infectious Disease Law" : "Law about medical care for the patients with prevention of infectious disease and infectious disease"
          (1998 law 114)
Is Q Hansen's disease transmitted?
 It is disease that is hard to infect A emergency.
   Infection power is very weak, and "Mycobacterium leprae" infects on the staff who worked in leper house
 Person from ta infect in everyday life such as eating and drinking, bathing to know by not being
 Hmm. The infants period that function of immunity is unripe is almost said to infection, but nourishment is in a state
 We may not have nadogayokereba.
  Is world-famous now, led by every India or Brazil about 260,000 a year (2007
 It is said that there is new patient of (2007), but number of the patient occurrence nitsu of Japan
 Function in elderly people who is, and have been ever infected according to Japanese Leprosy Association of immunity non-
 It develops in foreigner infected in developing case and mother country for the infants period because it is enough
 With case, it may be said that infection in current Japan is almost zero. 
  In addition, because surface change may remain as aftereffects after having been cured, itsuma
 But it is apt to be thought that we remain ill, but may not be infected.
Is Q Hansen's disease cured?
  A Hansen's disease is cured.
   Therapeutic drug called "Promin" was announced to 1943 (1943) in the United States.
 Afterwards, multiple drug which became able to produce in Japan, and further put some drugs together
 By combination treatment, Hansen's disease is cured; got sick. In addition, Hansen's disease is temporarily had
 It may be cured spontaneously even if we do. 
  In the present when cure is established, it is to leave obstacle by early detection and early treatment
 We can get over by ku, foreign treatment of short run.
Why is it that there are Q prejudice and discrimination?
  This is because it colonized as "scary disease" by A isolation policies in society.
    The government which bathed in blaming that it was the Meiji era and left patient unattended as civilized country from foreign countries,
 We came to take policy to isolate leper from the general public. It is sanatorium in patients
 By isolating in this forcibly, and sterilizing house of patient, "make until law, and country is kaku
 Thought called contagious scary disease spread out for Hansen's disease because we ground detached room.

  In addition, it is ta that disease progresses when we become sick until therapeutic drug comes to be used
 Because ku, thing and attack regarded as incurable disease appear a lot in constant family; i
 We are cited in reason why it has been discriminated against it having been thought that we are sick to have biography.
By Q isolation policy, what kind of thing was performed?
  It was performed the following thing that we violated A human rights.
    ○"No rai kenundo" losing leper from the prefecture is line warema all in one body public and private sectors
   We did.
  ○It makes up for understaffing without both exit and going out being admitted in the leper house
   We saved, and work (patient work) such as nursing, the cultivation was forced to.
  ○To medical treatment director the *kaikensoku (chokaikensoku) right (the judicial power, police authority in sanatorium)
   But, we were given, and imprisonment room was installed in sanatorium.
  ○In the sanatorium, sterilization and artificial abortion as condition of marriage are performed and
   We did.
  ○For fear of prejudice and discrimination against family, it is other ways nakusarema in giving false name in sanatorium
   We did.
What can you do for Q us?

  About A Hansen's disease, have right knowledge.
      That is the first step to get rid of prejudice and discrimination.
 After Kumamoto District Court judgment of May, 2001, the issue of Hansen's disease greatly progressed, but difference
There is problem left unfinished including cancellation of the other consciousness.
 While our deciding own as someone else's problem, and taking, all
You must try to realize society where human rights of people are respected of this.
○  To person wanting to know Hansen's disease in detail
 On information page about Hansen's disease of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage Hansen's disease measures of country
"Inspection meeting final report book about the issue of Hansen's disease" (March, 2005) is published
Please give me teimasunodego *.
○ Related organizations
 ・Prince Takamatsu memory Hansen's disease museum
 ・National sanatorium Megumi Kikuchi maple garden
 ・ReDell light both Ms. honoring society
○"Law about promotion of solution to issue of Hansen's disease"
 The promulgation: June 18, 2008 (Heisei 20) law No. 82
 The enforcement: April 1, 2009 (Heisei 21)
[basic principles]
Body which people who were the patients with Hansen's disease received as for the measure about the issue of 1 Hansen's disease and
As far as, according to damage for overall damage or other social lives pertaining to bi property, it is possible by the damage
We make it a principle to recover and must be performed.
On taking measure about the issue of 2 Hansen's disease, such as national leper houses
Person of entrance is ei in life that feels relieved without the living environment standing alone from community, and is rich
It must be considered mukotogadekiruyoni.
kenriri of 3 discriminating for people who were the patients with Hansen's disease many people and others
You must not do act to violate gain.
[duty of country and local public entity]
One country is figure by increases of the welfare such as people who were the patients with Hansen's disease in conformity with basic principles
We have duty we devise rutameno measure and to carry out. 
While 2 local public entities cooperate with country in conformity with basic principles, is fumi ma in the local fact
Oh, devise measure to plan increase of the welfare such as people who were the patients with Hansen's disease, and is fruit
We have duty to have of hodokoshi.

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