We released ONE PIECE Kumamoto revival project 3rd "revival support thank you video"

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Thank you video

 Revival promotion plan by cooperation with popular comics "ONE PIECE" which comic artist, Eiichiro Oda from Kumamoto drew, "ONE PIECE Kumamoto revival project 3rd" started.

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  • ○Friday, December 28 update
  • ○Monday, November 26 update
  •  "Gangs of straw" extra-large panel added appearance to Kumamoto Station and Aso Kumamoto Airport.
  • ○Monday, November 26 update

    We released ONE PIECE Kumamoto revival project 3rd "revival support thank you video"

     We produced "revival support thank you video" until now to convey appreciation to support that I received from all of you of the whole country.

     In video, we had you appear on citizens of the prefecture including stricken area. In addition, restoration, revival sends figure of advancing Kumamoto while conveying much "thank you" with the impressive scene of comics "ONE PIECE". Check it out!
     When video cannot reproduce, please see than the following.

    "Gangs of straw" extra-large panel appears in Kumamoto Station and Aso Kumamoto Airport

     We installed extra-large panel of "gangs of straw" in Kumamoto Station and Aso Kumamoto Airport which were doorway of Kumamoto. "Thank you", we have visit to Kumamoto of many people with feeling.

    Kumamoto Station

    • In front of place Kumamoto Station concourse tourist information center (200cm in height X 200cm in width)
    Kumamoto Station panel

    Aso Kumamoto Airport

    • Place domestic airline terminal building 1F arrival lobby, the 2F kids' room side
    Aso Kumamoto Airport 1F arrival lobby panelAso Kumamoto Airport 2F kids' room side panel

    1F arrival lobby (280cm in height X 216cm in width)

    The 2F kids' room side (200cm in height X 130cm in width)



     During setting period of panel, we plan the end of March, next year.


    Under ONE PIECE X Kumamoto "revival support thank you" plan conduct!

    "ONE PIECE" tower appears in Bunkyo-ku! (finished)

    For the purpose of reconstruction aids from Kumamoto earthquake, we installed "ONE PIECE" which cooperated with "ONE PIECE revival project" tower in event, Bunkyo that Bunkyo-ku started in 2016 Ward Higo Hosokawa garden "autumn colored leaves light-up - higoakari -".
    The details are thisWe open with the other window
    Dress tower 1Dress tower 2Dress tower 3
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