About subsidy about walls made of blocks

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We assist expense when we remove dangerous walls made of blocks and found.


 Many walls made of blocks collapsed by Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, and it was resulted in casualties. It is resulted in victim by Nishikata, Fukuoka offing earthquake of 2005 and earthquake of North Osaka of June, 2018. Walls made of blocks may become weapon threatening life at the time of earthquake and can obstacle to evacuation and traffic of emergency vehicle. Walls made of blocks have standard established by law, and the safe security is responsibility of owner. We secure safety of wall made of blocks, and let's possess in case anything happens.



About supporting window

  •  Supporting window when we remove dangerous walls made of blocks and found becomes the municipalities.

In addition, it varies according to the municipalities about supporting contents and requirements. As you gather up brief supporting contents and the reference below, please confirm.


※At the time of collapse, we may not become a target of assistance about thing and things constant height or less which there is for assistance for things disturbing thing or evacuation that may threaten life of indefinite person between people places.


About allied enterprise

 When we plant trees in the point after removing danger and judged wall made of blocks with it is "Kumamoto green, scenery collaboration mechanism" to consist of affiliate, NPO which approved of Kumamoto and the municipalities, purpose, there is business to support a part of necessary expense.

 For details, please ask the following homepages or the secretariat.
 ○Roadside tree planting model promotion services

 ○Inquiry window

  The secretariat: Kumamoto green, scenery collaboration mechanism (the prefectural office Department of Civil Engineering road City Bureau City Planning Division) TEL 096-333-2522 (direct)


In addition, (engineer information)

 Please confirm this about consultation counters such as technical standard of wall made of blocks, investigation into wall made of blocks and the dismantling, repair.

 ○Let's secure safety of wall made of blocks.

  https://www.pref.kumamoto.jp/kiji_16034.htmlWe open with the other window


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