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About safe check such as existing walls made of blocks when we build building

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 Many walls made of blocks collapse by Kumamoto earthquake and earthquake of North Osaka that occurred in 2018 in 2016 and cause casualties. Collapse of wall made of blocks does not just produce human damage and blocks up road and disturbs evacuation and rescue operation of victim.

 We demand check, repair in total and teach to construction of building as needed to promote removal, repair of such a dangerous wall made of blocks in the prefecture.

 Wall made of blocks is individual property, and it is necessary to secure safety in the responsibility of owner. When we construct newly, for safe town planning, we follow standard, and let's carry out safe check and removal, repair about existing wall made of blocks positively.

 [※ operational start: on April 1, 2019]



 You match check, repair of existing wall made of blocks with procedure pertaining to building, and please carry out. In addition, wall made of blocks has standard stipulated by Building Standard Law.

 Therefore please carry out check, repair of existing wall made of blocks after consultation with experts such as authorized architects.



 Area: Whole prefecture (except Kumamoto-shi)

 Scale: More than 80cm in height or more and 3 steps (height from side that when there is difference in elevation in the ground, is low)



1. At the time of confirmation application

 (1) Column is filled in "6 existing walls made of blocks" of "building certification application feasibility study report".

 (2) When there is target wall made of blocks, we carry out check and, using "safe check, correction reports such as existing walls made of blocks", fill in "check" column.

    When there is "NG", we fill in "correction plan" column
 (3) We list position, the height of the wall made of blocks, repair plan in drawing.

 (4) (1) We attach ... (3) and submit confirmation application.


2. At the time of completion inspection application

 (1) We carry out repair to building works.

 (2) We attach photograph after repair and submit completion inspection application.



 Link: Let's secure safety of wall made of blocksWe open with the other window



※About removal of existing wall made of blocks, there is categorical assistance. For more details, to municipalities window or prefectural office Architecture Division 096-333-2535.

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