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About video "sprouting of revival"

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  In the Kumamoto farm village Promotion Bureau state of restoration, revival of agriculture supply of water facility from 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

We made PR video which we introduced.


        Video "sprouting of revival"

          Video "sprouting of revival"

 This video is "Kumamoto earthquake digital archive" in Kumamoto prefectural government office homepage and video site "Youtube"

You can see.

 (you click the following URL to Kumamoto earthquake digital archive, and please search with "sprouting of revival".)

   https://www.kumamoto-archive.jp/ We open with the other window(link to "Kumamoto earthquake digital archive")


                       (link to video site "Youtube")


 In addition, please contact the following reference when this video is used with the training and meeting, the teaching materials.

 It should be reference of future video production.


 [contact information]

   Kumamoto Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries farm village Promotion Bureau Rural Planning Division farm village plan group

    Representative from Kumamoto 096-383-1111 (main) extension number 5507

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