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About development of Aso volcano wide area refuge project

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  As we devised as follows, we will tell about title plan based on opinions in Kumamoto volcano disaster prevention meeting that we held on November 27, 2018.


Purposes of 1 Aso volcano wide area refuge project  

  About evacuation of inhabitants in volcanic alert levels 4-5 that might have an influence on residential area in volcanic alert levelses to be five phases influence range of eruption 

 Because it is wide, and evacuation to other municipalities is necessary, in Kumamoto volcano disaster prevention meeting that we installed in the prefecture and the around crater municipalities (Aso-shi, Takamori-machi, Minamiaso-mura), is it fault?

 We set basic matter about jime, conduct procedure of evacuation and wide area evacuation including place of refuge and are intended that we perform inhabitants evacuation at the time of large-scale eruption smoothly.


Main contents of 2 Aso volcano wide area refuge projects

 (1) Basic policy

    ・The conduct system of wide area evacuation

    ・Volcanism to intend for 

    ・As for the evacuation advisories, it is official announcement standard 

    ・Place of refuge

    ・Evacuation method

 (2) Rearranging (after the lava flow, ash fall, the ash fall mud flood) according to volcanism

 (3) Evacuation measures

    ・Basic matter (conduct procedure, acceptance) about acceptance of wide area refugee

    ・Appointment and securing of wide area evacuation route

 (4) Transportation of refugee

 (5) Evacuation support to evacuation action pivot supporters

 (6) Establishment, administration (the conduct system, burden of expenses) of refuge

 (7) Evacuation prolongation measures

 (8) Domestic animal damage control

 (9) Progress management of plan


Correspondence of 3 future

   About concrete matter on the occasion of evacuation conduct, we will make action plan, manual in future.






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