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About development of Kumamoto duties continuation and juen, support plan

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We devised Kumamoto duties continuation and juen, support plan

Matter (※) about duties continuation that we set in regional plans for disaster prevention in the prefecture

Summarize in one plan, and juenkeikaku from other local governments at the time of large-scale disaster,

We devised "Kumamoto duties continuation and juen, support plan" that stipulated support plan to the damaged local government integrally.



Point of this plan

(1) Way of thinking of duties continuation plan

  ○In the inspection (we say "inspection" as follows.) about response to Kumamoto earthquake,

   About "reviews such as stop, reduction of the normal business operations, difference of correspondence was seen by belonging",

   Based on it having been done with problem, "there was scene which earthquake disaster duties were concentrated in some belonging excessively, and trouble produced in execution of duty,"

   Except thing which should continue to a minimum, stop, reduction postponed the normal business operations and decided to give priority to disaster correspondence duties.


(2) Way of thinking of juenkeikaku

  ○In the verification "received much staff dispatch, but the acceptance system of support is not arranged by country and other local governments,

   Based on it having been considered to be problem not to have been able to make use of support enough,

   We decided to arrange duties targeted for juen and role of the support staff beforehand.


(3) Way of thinking of support plan

  ○We set the support systems from the prefecture when heavy damage occurred based on experience of Kumamoto earthquake in the prefecture to the damaged municipalities.

  ○Based on having had support come by promoting "wide area disaster prevention base plan to support Kyushu", Kumamoto earthquake from the whole country,

   At the time of large-scale disasters such as Nankai Trough earthquakes, to offer experience, know-how of Kumamoto earthquake to the whole country positively,

   We established the dispatch system of the support staff for the damaged metropolis and districts.


(※) Important six elements of duties continuation plan

 (1) Clear representation order in chief absence and the gathering system of the staff

 (2) Identification of substitute government building when we were not able to use main government building

 (3) Securing of electricity, water, food

 (4) Securing of a variety of means of communication that are easy to be connected at the time of disaster

 (5) Backup of important administrative data

 (6) Rearranging of duties given priority at the time of emergency




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