Procedure about cook driver's license application for re-issue

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Application window

 We have been going to apply to prefectural governors who gave license.
 Windows of person having driver's license which Governor of Kumamoto issued are as follows.

◆To live in Kumamoto-shi
 Kumamoto-shi public health center

◆To live in Yamaga-shi
 Yamaga-shi government office

◆Person who lives in the prefecture any place other than Kumamoto-shi, Yamaga-shi
 Each public health center (except Yamaga public health center) of Kumamoto

◆Person who lives in outside the prefecture
 The Kumamoto prefectural government office Department of Health and Social Services health station Total Health Promotion Division
※Person living in outside the prefecture becomes procedure by mail (please bear the postage separately.) .

Submission documents

(1)Cook driver's license regranting application
 We prepare for window.

(2)Cook driver's license
 Only in the case of damage, damage (lost person is unnecessary.)

(3)Application fee 3,700 yen (Kumamoto income certificate stamp)
 ※Kumamoto income certificate stamp is available at each public health center or prefectural office basement stand.
 ※Person living in outside the prefecture, please put ordinary money order or fixed-amount money order as Kumamoto income certificate stamp charges.

◆Person living in outside the prefecture adds as above, and stamp (the postage by simple registered mail) for 530 yen and 62-yen stamp (the receipt postcard charges) are necessary.


・When you apply, please bring identity verification documents.
・Proxy is necessary out of necessity when substitution applies. (we download style and are available
 If predetermined matter is listed, other styles are fine, too.)
・It takes around 20 days before we issue driver's license after applying.
・As a general rule, except person living in outside the prefecture, please come to application window for receiving directly. (please bring identity verification documents and seal.)


We can download application, style of proxy from the following.
・Cook driver's license regranting application application (PDF: 38.1 kilobytes) We open with the other window

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