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What is AIDS?

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Let's have right knowledge about AIDS to protect you and your beloved person and to get rid of discrimination and prejudice for AIDS patients


What is AIDS?  Infection and the prevention  When infection is worried  Q&A about HIV and AIDS (AIDS)

Information about HIV and AIDS (AIDS)  About red ribbon  AIDS-related link


What is AIDS?

What is AIDS (AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)?

Acquired (postnatal characteristics): In not being angry for heredity, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) being transmitted

Immune (immunity): Resistance to pathogen

Deficiency (imperfection): It functions enough, and there is not

Syndrome (syndrome): As a result, it is generic name of caused various symptoms.


What is human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)?

Human (Homo sapiens): We are infected with Homo sapiens

Immuno-Deficiency (immunodeficiency): It prevents resistance to pathogen from acting

Virus (virus): It is pathogen.                           

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Infection and the prevention

 Air is not infected with HIV. Even daily contact at company, school is not transmitted.

 From past study, four of blood, sperm, vagina secreting fluid, mother's milk are found to be the source of infection.
 Through these body fluid, we are infected with HIV when we receive HIV for quantity in body enough.


 (1) Infection by sexual intercourse

Illustration of condom

   It is most infection courses.
   Defenseless sexual intercourse becomes very likely to be infection.
   Let's use condom definitely.

 (2) Infection that we go through blood

    Of habit-forming drugs such as blood transfusion of blood which there is HIV or stimulant turn, and is infected by common use of injection appliance with house.
    As for the blood donated blood of, security of the highest standard is secured now in Japan by severe inspection.
    As heat treatment is carried out as for the blood clotting factor preparation now, we do not have to worry about infection.


 (3) Mother-to-child transmission

Illustration of mother
    When mother is infected with HIV, we may be infected with baby through the pregnancy, childbirth, the nursing.
    We can hold down infection to baby to 2% or less as mother does not give thing and mother's milk swallowing up therapeutic drug.

When infection is worried

 We know infection of HIV by testing whether there is antibody for HIV in blood.

 It is said that it takes 6-8 weeks until antibody is made after being infected with HIV. We will be examined 12 weeks or more after day that there was of the risk of infection to do accurate judgment.

  Day when we had the risk of infection
  Judgment that is accurate by blood test within eight weeks is impossible
  Is correct by blood test more than 12 weeks; is judgeable


Inspection of public health center, the consultation system

The same day inspection

 At public health center, we carry out "the same day inspection" that can hear result on the day when we inspected. As for this inspection, result becomes clear from inspection start (drawing blood) in around one hour.

 In addition, we can receive examination of AIDS by free of charge, anonymity, but prior reservation is required.
 Please confirm on the telephone beforehand.

・Please confirm here on inspection, consultation day. ⇒ About inspection (examinations of HIV antibody) carrying out at public health centerWith new window


※We can receive sexually transmitted disease (syphilis, genital chlamydial infection), examination of type B, hepatitis C with examination of HIV antibody, too. But it takes around one week until result revelation.

About AIDS consultation, inspection in Kumamoto-shi public health center, please see Kumamoto-shi homepage in detail.

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Q&A about HIV and AIDS (AIDS)

● Is there not treatment for HIV infection?

Treatment, illustration of medicine

 Cure to deaden internal aids virus (HIV) had not been found yet, but we discovered infection early even if we infected HIV by progress of cure and could prevent the onset of AIDS by start continuing treatment early and came to be able to expect that we lived a life that it was equal to people who did not infect HIV.

 In addition, it is confirmed that infection risks from people infected with HIV to other people greatly decrease if we continue treatment, and internal viral load decreases.

● What should I do if there is HIV infected person to work friend and friend?
 We do not have to worry to be infected in everyday life. Let's receive in the same manner until now. It is one method to understand problem of AIDS that contacts like cancer and heart disease, liver disease, diabetes depending on disease.
● If person infected with HIV is hurt and bleeds, what should I do?

 You wipe off blood with antiseptic solution, and please clean wound. Aids virus is virus which is vulnerable to high temperature and washing with water, alcohol sterilization. You are not infected only by skin having had, but please deal while wearing disposable gloves not to touch to polluted blood, and warning.

 Please inquire into case with blood under soap and running water in hand immediately.


● We might have been infected, when should we undergo examination?

 Let's be examined after passing more than 12 weeks (three months) from day that there was of the risk of infection.
For more details, when "infection is worried" We publish in this.
● Want to know HIV infection and AIDS in detail, but ...

 Please connect with Public Health Emergencies Management Division and public health center of the prefecture.

 We answer question about AIDS. We accept anonymous telephone consultation. In addition, we introduce inspection organization and medical institution as needed.

 The prefectural office Public Health Emergencies Management Division (telephone 096-333-2240)
 About inspection (examinations of HIV antibody) carrying out at public health center ⇒ public health centerWith new window

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Information about HIV and AIDS (AIDS)

[the situation of HIV infected person of whole country and Kumamoto and AIDS patient]


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare AIDS trend Committee report (from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018)

The whole country


HIV infected person

AIDS patient

HIV infected person

AIDS patient

940 377 


Total (from 1985 to 2018) of the number of Japanese patient, infected person reports

 ●HIV infected person


The whole country




The total



The total

Sexual encounter between people of the opposite sex3,595 1,678 5,27313 8 21
Sexual encounter between the same sex  ※112,488 5 12,493 790


Intravenous drug use725 77 1 0 1
Mother-to-child transmission2419 431 0 1




Ignorance1,757 7002,457
The total18,359 2,477 20,836 989 107

 ●AIDS patient


The whole country




The total



The total

Sexual encounter between people of the opposite sex2,624 507 3,13117 1 18
Sexual encounter between the same sex ※13,882 5 3,887 39 0 39
Intravenous drug use57 7 64 0 0 0
Mother-to-child transmission10 919 0 0 0
Others244 43287




Ignorance1,658 267 1,925
The total8,4758389,313653 68

  ※We include sexual encounter between 1 both sexes.    

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About red ribbon

Red ribbon

Red ribbon is symbol expressing intention of understanding and support to HIV infected person, AIDS patient.

It is message not to discriminate against people living with AIDS that you do not prejudice against about AIDS.

We will think about AIDS together by knowing red ribbon to overcome AIDS, and wearing red ribbon.


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 AIDS-related link

○"Is illustration using on this homepage quartet WHAT IS AIDS? Anything as for the AIDS" We reprint from (2008 public welfare labor science research funds subsidy Xinxing, reconsideration infectious disease study business "study about risk communication method and education method that are effective for the nation enlightenment to infectious disease" study representative Eiji Marui: Juntendo University medical department public health classroom).

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