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"Kumamoto dirt cow" was registered with geographical indication (GI)

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"Kumamoto dirt cow" enrolls in geographical indication (GI)

 "Kumamoto dirt cow" is kind that dirt cow (katsumowashu (akagewashu)) is born in Kumamoto, and was brought up, the meat,

Characteristic to have characteristic taste of red meat, healthy sao, and to be full of taste and fragrances like beef

It was admitted that we had and was enrolled in geographical indication (GI) protection system on September 27, 2018.

 Pasturage  Meat


◆With geographical indication protection system (GI)

 Among agriculture and forestry fishery products, food having local tradition and characteristic characteristics such as quality and ties with production center

About thing which name (geographical indication) that we can identify is referred to, we enroll in country as intellectual property

System that we can hold.

 As of September 27, 2018, 69 products are registered in the whole country, about beef "Kobe

Beef, 9 products including "Kumamoto dirt cow" be registered "Yonezawa beef" "special product Matsusaka beef"

We are.

 ※GI: Abbreviation of Geographical Indication


◆With "Kumamoto dirt cow"

Beef consumption expansion promotion meeting from Kumamoto defines by the following standards.

 ・Beef of katsumowashu in the fleshy substance class second class and above                     

 ・The longest and last breeding place that we fattened up more than 12 months is the Kumamoto prefecture            

 ・Bullock and non-parous cow


※Because beef consumption expansion promotion meeting from Kumamoto is the prefecture, agriculture group, edible meat distribution company and organizes,

We work on brand establishment, market extended activity of regional beef.


For more details, please see meeting homepage We open with the other window(external link).

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