Sightseeing product exhibition of Amakusa is held in Fukuoka on Sunday for Saturday, January 19, 20 days! KUMAMON comes, too!

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Product product of Amakusa gathers in north-Tenjin Shrine (Fukuoka-shi)! KUMAMON comes, too!

  We hold sightseeing product exhibition of Amakusa in commercial facilities of Fukuoka, north-Tenjin Shrine for two days of Sunday on Saturday, January 19, 20th.

 There are many artefacts utilized material of Amakusa full of nature such as raw materials toshitaamakusa jealousy, delicious mandarin orange juice of Amakusa, and, including Amakusa the Great known as regional chicken proud of size of Japanese best category, marine products of Amakusa are sold on that day.

 In addition, KUMAMON of Kumamoto sales manager and happy manager rushes to venue on Saturday on 19th, too.


The sightseeing product exhibition details of Amakusa


  Saturday, January 19, 2019, 20th Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

 ■Holding place

  North-Tenjin Shrine (4-3-20, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi)

  1F event space under the ground, 1F entrance space

  North-Tenjin Shrine HP URL



  1F event space under the ground

  Japanese laurel shop (Amakusa-shi), sheep corner fisheries (Amakusa-shi), olive garden (Reihoku-machi) of the Fukudas, Fukuda orchard (Reihoku-machi)

  1F entrance space

  Meisei (Kamiamakusa-shi), the north fence fisheries (Kamiamakusa-shi)

 ■About sightseeing information

  We install various sightseeing information brochures of Amakusa. Consideration discusses the rights and wrongs of trip to 﨑tsushurakutotenso registered with world's cultural heritage in 2018 and arrives

  Please give me.

 ■Support by "KUMAMON"  

  Time: The Saturday, January 19 first: Around 10:30 - second: Around 15:30 ...

  ※Please note that you may be changed by the situation at dispatch time of KUMAMON.


About holding of photo exhibition "now, "Kumamoto, Amakusa" which wants to come"

  Is the venue 1F exhibit space during the period of Monday for from Tuesday, January 15 to 28th, photo exhibition "want to come now! shiteorima held in "Kumamoto, Amakusa"


  As we tell about various charm of Amakusa through photograph, please see by all means.

  ※The details of photo exhibition are this




  VISIT amakusa project executive committee (the secretariat: Amakusa, Kumamoto Regional Administrative Headquarters general affairs promotion section), Fukuoka, Kumamoto office




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