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About reports such as quantities of production of psychotropic drug in psychotropic drug test and research facility pertaining to registration of Governor of Kumamoto

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 Proprietor of a psychotropics research institution must notify prefectural governors of matter listed below every year pursuant to the provision of 24 Paragraph 2 of drug and psychotropic drug control method Article 50 by the end of February.

(1) Name of article name, amount of psychotropic drug which we imported by the end of the previous year or exported and the other country

(2) Article name of psychotropic drug which it produced by the end of the previous year and amount


 As you publish style of report below, please inflect.


[attention in entry]

(1) Fill out by kg unit about g unit, the second kind and the third kind psychotropic drug about the first kind psychotropic drug.

(2) Fill out with "very small amount" when the first kind psychotropic drug is less than 0.05 g, and the second kind and the third kind psychotropic drug are under 0.05 kg.

(3) Being in condition to put out part except the handling item with slanted lines, and not to be able to make a note.

(4) If you do not perform production by the end of the previous year, after filling out so, submit.

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