We are displayed with mode now at large-scale disaster.

Disaster prevention enlightenment video of the KUMAMON lead, self-act, please see by all means!

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Stop bringing sure death three moves ... of KUMAMON shogi player, and save, and decide; and ...


Own help up for disaster! Stop "bringing sure death three moves" ... of KUMAMON shogi player, and save, and decide; and ...

In the prefecture, we recommend approach of "self-act" to citizens of the prefecture based on experience of Kumamoto earthquake.
We made video to introduce three preparation to disaster that KUMAMON was made disguised as shogi player of shogi from today to.
We consider disaster as "own thing" once again by all means, and let's begin the everyday preparation in family and area!

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<three to disaster possess> Stop ..., and save, and decide; and ...

Fixation of furnitureStorage of water, foodConfirmation of evacuation course

(1)"Turn off" furniture

Is furniture such as bedrooms fixed?

Let's take safety measures in furniture fixation item

(2)"Save" water, food

We will store water, food of the above (if we can do it for one week) for 3rd

(3)"Decide" evacuation course

There is not place that is dangerous to road becoming refuge and evacuation course or will confirm


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