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We prevented outbreak of Legionella symptom by planning thorough hygiene management in bathing facilities such as inn, public bath, medical facilities in the prefecture, social welfare facility and, for the purpose of protecting health of citizen of the prefecture, enforced "the regulations about hygiene management for prevention of outbreak of Legionella symptom in Kumamoto bathing facility" from promulgation, October 1, the same year on March 8, 2004.

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About the prevention of Legionella symptom regulations

The regulations We open with the other window(external link) about hygiene management for prevention of outbreak of Legionella symptom in Kumamoto bathing facility

The regulations enforcement regulations We open with the other window(external link) about hygiene management for prevention of outbreak of Legionella symptom in Kumamoto bathing facility

 These contentsPDF list in attached leaflet (extract) [PDF file/90KB].

What is Legionella symptom?

Legionella symptom is disease (infectious disease) to be caused by infection of the Legionella genus bacteria. We are separated for Legionella pneumonia and slight illness that symptom of pneumonia is over by Pontiac fever of symptom similar to a cold.
It is said that people whom Legionella pneumonia gets tired with people and health that resistance comes off for elderly person and newborn baby, disease, and physical strength falls into are easy to become sick.

How is Legionella symptom transmitted?

When we breathed in aerosol (invisible small drop of water) and dust including the Legionella genus bacteria with air, there might be infection. In addition, there is no person-to-person transmission.
... Legionella genus bacteria ... 
It is bacteria inhabiting the inside and river of soil, the natural world including wetlands. We are parasitic on protozoans such as amoebas and multiply at 20-50 degrees Celsius. When slime (living thing film) attaches to inner wall and filter, pipe of bathtub, the Legionella genus bacteria are parasitic on habitation amoeba in that and multiply and they destroy amoeba before long and come out in bathtub.

Becoming a target of the prevention of Legionella symptom regulations?

Because resistance falls for old or disease and is easy to suffer from Legionella symptom other than inn, public bath in the prefecture, bathtub and place with shower apply at social welfare facility or hospital, medical offices such as special elderly nursing homes, too.
In addition, it is for not only circulation-type bathtub but also non-circulation expression bathtub (gravity-feed irrigation).

What are measures to prevent Legionella symptom?

  1. We do not let the Legionella genus bacteria invade!
    ・Make structure that bathtub water of open-air bath and inside bath is not mixed in through the plumbing
    ・When you install air bubbles generator including jacuzzi, do in structure that dust does not enter at intake of air
  2. We do not multiply the Legionella genus bacteria!
    ・Replacing bathtub water every day, and cleaning bathtub (that is all in circulation-type bathtub once in at least one week)
    ・Do cleaning, sterilization whether cistern to store temperature-controls appropriately
    ・The plumbing, filter device, hair collecting device do cleaning, sterilization regularly
    ・Managing appropriately when we sterilize bathtub water (when we do chlorination, we perform the measurement and record of residual chlorine concentration in bathtub)
  3. We do not let letting you breathe in aerosol (small drop of water) including the Legionella genus bacteria!
    ・In the case of circulation-type bathtub, the next correspondence is necessary
      In bathtub setting up air bubbles generators, replace bathtub water every day
      You let you shoot, and, about hot water and shower, use bath

Can you know whether you are safe even if you take a bath?

We carry out the above-mentioned examination of water once a year, and manager of facility must post test result on place that user is easy to look at.
In addition, we are to report to public health centers immediately when the Legionella genus bacteria are beyond the standard value (10cfu/100ml) as a result of inspection.
Furthermore, about ventilation of structure (circulation type, non-circulation expression (gravity-feed irrigation)) and bathtub of bathing facility, state of implementation of sterilization of bathtub water, we post in facility and are to act to meet a demand from user, and to explain.

※ For details, please consult with Public Health Emergencies Management Division or the nearest public health center.

About bathing facility self-government guide

We will have you make check list to record state of implementation of self-government manual (self-government manual) which we listed beforehand what kind of hygiene you manage and hygiene management to perform hygiene management based on standard to advocate in the regulations to manager of facility.

(the regulations extract) make self-government manual and check list to perform hygiene management based on standard enumerated in the first through last issue, and set person in charge pertaining to everyday hygiene management. (Article 3 Paragraph 1 No. 15)

As you made example of bathing facility self-government manual, preventive measures against Legionella symptoms independence check list and free residual chlorine concentration measurement result record list for medical facilities, social welfare facilities, please utilize.

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