February 1, 2019

We hold "Kyushu four prefectures meat battle 2019 in-Tenjin Shrine" in Fukuoka!

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Meat battle flyer 2019

2019 meat battle titles

Four prefectures of Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima confront in local meat gourmets of each prefectural pride!

It is gourmet confrontation that started in Miyazaki, Oita in 2013, but carries out in four prefectures of Kyushu putting office in Fukuoka from 2016. "Miyazaki cow beef stew" of Miyazaki wins the championship in last year!
It is which prefecture or ・・!? as expected that wins the championship at the last meat battle in the Heisei period
In addition, we perform special product sale of each prefecture, sightseeing PR in total and emphasize "Kyushu that cheerful, is delicious" with gourmet confrontation.

Please arrive.


    1 date and time

     Friday, February 1, 2019 from 10:30 to 16:00


    2 places

     Kyushu open space (Fukuoka-shi government office north side green tract of land) 

    <the location> 1-8-1, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi


3 meat gourmet confrontations (we sell for each prefectural 500 yen)

 [Kumamoto] "Chinese chives menko" Takada butcher's shop

 [Oita] "Deep-fried Nakatsu" bird shin

 [Miyazaki] We see "braised pork belly man" miyazakinaizudainingu anything

 [Kagoshima] "Japanese black beef bamboo shoot bowl" Satsuma-cho restaurant business association (Daigo restaurant)

  ※We decide victory or defeat at sales figures.


Sale of 4 special products

 [Kumamoto] "Ikinaridango" Kodama store

 [Oita] "Baked potato" Fukuoka, Oita office

 [Miyazaki] Storehouse of "special product of Takachiho-cho" ogre eight

 [Kagoshima] "Special product of Satsuma-cho" Satsuma-cho


Each 5 prefectural sightseeing PR booths

 We send advantageous sightseeing information in season.


6 and others

 ◆Introduction (brochure distribution) of sightseeing spot which each prefecture recommends in sightseeing PR booth

 ◆Mascot stage (Miyazaki dog, mejiron, KUMAMON, guribu)

 ◆Galla; pop lottery (four prefectures of special products and mascot goods hit by the purchase 500 yen or more!)
  ※Weather may be called off by the situation.


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