We made craze for drainage potential map in Kumamoto basin sewerage facility!

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We made craze for drainage potential map in Kumamoto basin sewerage facility!

 Water temperature of sewage is relatively stable and is lower than atmospheric temperature in the summer, and it has features becoming higher in winter through one year. Therefore, energy saving can plan CO2-saving by using this temperature-difference energy (craze for drainage) for air-conditioning or hot water supply.
 We made "sewage heat potential map" in three basin sewerage (North Kumamoto basin sewerage, upper Kuma River basin sewerage, basin sewerage in northern Yatsushiro) which the prefecture which showed positions such as quantity of existence of necessary sewage heat and people holes when they introduced sewage heat into air-conditioner or hot water supply device, and private business people considered to utilize energy potential that the sewer had to the maximum in Kumamoto managed.

1) North Kumamoto basin sewerage (PDF: 2.21 megabytes) We open with the other window

2) Upper Kuma River basin sewerage (PDF: 4.43 megabytes) We open with the other window

3) Basin sewerage (PDF: 2.38 megabytes) in northern Yatsushiro We open with the other window


※Value that you showed with potential is just estimate, and please refer to our section beforehand on considering introduction.

※Quantity of thermal energy that potential is estimate when heat utilization did sewage flow rate at each point in the winter season at temperature difference 5 degrees Celsius and is available

 In season, time, time, actual survey is necessary in examination to vary according to weather, other conditions. 

※Expense pertaining to facilities and setting when we take heat out of the sewage pipe is charged to establisher.

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