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  We work on the spread enlightenment of the technique concerned, introduction promotion to plan correspondence of the fourth Industrial Revolution pertinent art such as IoT, AI of the industrial field of Kumamoto in Industrial Support Division.
 Here, we introduce main approach.

Approach about the spread enlightenment

Making of IoT thorough utilization guide 

 It is intended that by having all of the medium and small-sized businesses reviewing IoT introduction know measures of reference example and the prefecture from the prefecture by this guidebook widely mainly, push IoT introduction from behind.
 We have you recognize IoT introduction utilization and the introduction effect from this guidebook and are happy if it is a chance to step forward to step to next utilizing IoT including creation of company's improvement in productivity and new product, service.
 [electronic data]

Approach about personnel training

Planning Office (IDiC) such as Kumamoto IoT promotion laboratory foreigners 

The IDIC examination situation

Idea examination in group

 In the prefecture, we launched "Planning Office (IDiC: Idea from Different Countries) such as foreigners" which aimed at creation of new business idea utilizing IoT in cooperation with foreign student and company in the prefecture as part of "out-of-town edition IoT promotion laboratory business" that received adoption from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2016.
 Foreign student in the prefecture and Japanese students work on idea creation using IoT in cooperation with the prefecture company and announce result.
   IDiC home pe di(http://096idic.com/ We open with the other window(external link))
   Out-of-town edition IoT promotion laboratory (https://local-iot-lab.ipa.go.jp/ We open with the other window(external link))

IoT square Kumamoto

IoT square Kumamoto ceremony
IoT square 1IoT square 2

 Kumamoto opened point of transmission "I oT square Kumamoto" with apparatus display about various approaches utilizing state-of-the-art such as IoT or AI in cooperation with west NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE Corporation (NTT West Japan) in June, 2018.

 With the cooperation of company inside and outside the prefecture, we establish display of advanced approach to utilize IoT, introduction corner in the wide fields such as demonstration machine and infrastructure or fishery of product line which implemented IoT technology (automatic assembling by image recognition, trouble foresight by the collection of the operation situation, kato with a view of the production situation).

 Our base is applied in personnel training such as engineer classes and shares actual feeling that social implementation of such a technique advances even to Kumamoto widely, and it functions as dispatch base planning the spread enlightenment through events such as hackathons. 

 [display place] 〒 860-8519 3-1, Sakuracho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi

                     NTT West Japan Kumamoto Branch Sakuracho building 1F smart light square Kumamoto

 [opening time] From 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

                   (closed day: on Saturday on Sundays and holidays for New Year holidays for (from December 29 to January 3))


hinokuni IoT

 We open a course in school for the purpose of upbringing of human resources across the fence concerned with manufacturing spot and both IoT, robots who Kumamoto industrial support foundation receives adoption of "smart manufacturing support corps business" of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Kumamoto in 2017, and were labelled as "hinokuni IoT". We invite lecturer from company with the highest IoT pertinent art in Japan and carry out skill education such as image recognition, AI programming from lecture and both sides of training.

In 2018, we add for on-site leader classes and carry out program for management layer of medium and small-sized business and, as so-called test bed, maintain "hinokuni IoT practice line". When the prefecture company reviews introduction of IoT, AI, it is actually in practice-shaped demonstration line that we can experience by "seeing, and touching, and doing" process and problem to introduce.

Reference of hinokuni IoT connection is this

 Kumamoto industrial support foundation (https://www.kmt-ti.or.jp/ We open with the other window(external link))


Approach for introduction promotion such as IoT

IoT introduction model company support project

Matching conference

Matching conference of IT vendor of the prefecture company

IT vendor and Kumamoto Industrial Research Center support technically to promote IoT introduction in manufacturing company in Kumamoto so that which "it is not revealed, at first, what we should work" from of company removes hurdle "not to know introduction effect well", and utilization of IoT technology advances.

Specifically, it recruits companies becoming model from small and medium size manufacturing industry aiming at IoT introduction in company's product line and holds matching society with IT vendor in the prefecture. IT vendor and Industrial Research Center which we made accompany and support. After that, we open approach of trial and error until introduction to the public and aim at small and medium size manufacturing company which introduces IoT by unfolding horizontally continuing, and appearing.


About IoT-related subsidy program

 We support for development, implementation investment utilizing IoT in Kumamoto to promote IoT introduction to the prefecture company.
 About concrete procedure for recruitment of proprietor of 2019 (Heisei 31), we invite public participation every subsidy separately.
 [subsidy program which reference carried out in 2018 (Heisei 30)]
 ○ Local future investment promotion subsidy
   IoT which company which received approval of regional economy traction business plan based on local future investment promotion law performed carried out assistance to capital spending to suffer from the field of AI-related industry.
   For details, please refer We open with the other windowto this.
 ○ "Kumamoto IoT promotion laboratory" industrialization subsidy
   We carried out assistance for approach to plan development or improvement in productivity to products and service utilizing IoT.
   (supporting rate a half or less, amount of supporting upper limit 1 million yen)


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