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※※※ Please read by all means before having you donate ※※※



About contribution to the municipalities in 1 Kumamoto

  It was finished with gold content containing on March 31, 2019 (Heisei 31).

  After April 1, 2019 (Heisei 31), please donate to the municipalities directly.


About 2 "article (return favor product) of thanks" 

(1) When you face each other toward the residence in Kumamoto, please note that "article of thanks" does not present. 

(2) It is said that the presentation of "article of thanks" facing each other toward Kumamoto outside the prefecture residence is only for once a year.

   (3) Number of "article of thanks" to present, please identify flyers distributing separately enough.   

   We present the number depending on net total of contribution amounts of money from degree April 1 to March 31 every year.   

            For example, "article of thanks" present one for contribution of 20,000 yen in total when we have contribution twice of 10,000 yen, contribution of 20,000 yen in total

            It becomes this.

(4) ku which notes that we have time of degree except thing appointing shipment time separately until shipment of "article of thanks" for 3-4 months



About shipment of receipt of 3 donations certificate

Shipment of receipt of donations certificate usually has time of around one and a half months from contribution.

I am sorry to keep waiting, but would appreciate your understanding beforehand.


About contribution of the end of 2004

Submission (must arrive) of contribution application limits that we accept as contribution of this year to thing which there was by time limit of next (1) - (3). (1)Both ... (3) becomes contribution of this year only for the receipt of money until December 31 every year.

(1) Person who wants one stop exception application :December 17

 (2) Bringing to money sent by registered mail, window      : December 21

 (3) (1)Other than (2)            : December 24






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