(cancer information) the 74th Kumamoto relaxation care conference held news

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 ◆It is introduction of mild care conference in conjunction with "cancer".

 It applies to person concerned with medical care, care in Kumamoto.
 We will tell as the 74th Kumamoto relaxation care conference is held.
 People concerned with medical care, care, please participate casually.
 Date : Friday, January 31, 2020 from 18:30 to 19:30
 Place : Kumamoto community health center the sixth floor of the new building hall
 Performer : It is ... with what is demanded from ... nurse than example about physical restraint
      Suck Kumamoto community health center palliative care unit nurse Takahashi and see
      It is ... with receiving the example presentation and being demanded from ... doctor
      Doctor at Kumamoto community health center relaxation care course Eiji Abe
 Training : "Experience of physical restraint" (only as for the applicant)      
 Sponsorship : Kumamoto community health center
 The cosponsorship : Kumamoto cancer medical treatment cooperation meeting relaxation care sectional meeting
      Kumamoto University Hospital relaxation care center
 Object   :   Person concerned with medical care, care in Kumamoto
 Prior application : It is not necessary
 [contact number]
  Kumamoto community health center MSW Murakami 
  TEL: 096-363-3311



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