We confirm the present position of bus with smartphone! ... which does not let you cross that ... bus location system bus came

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 The use of "we do not let you cross which came is started, and service information of bus in Kumamoto comes to be able to confirm bus" from smartphone and PC site for exclusive use of bus location system that the present position of bus which we want to get on from Monday, April 8 can confirm regardless of place, time.

 In addition, at main bus stop in the prefecture, even installed monitor comes to be able to confirm approach information of bus.


 For more details, please confirm in exclusive site (http://www.bus-kuma.jp).


 (reference) Flyer buskitakumasan (PDF: 2.29 megabytes) We open with the other window



1 main constituent

  Association of Kumamoto bus

  Five prefecture riding together companies (kyushusanko bus, sanko bus, Kumamoto electric railway, Kumamoto bus, Kumamoto city bus)


Nickname of 2 systems

  Logo not to let you cross that bus came



3 operational starts

  Than flight first on Monday, April 8, 2019


4 objects

  "General route bus" which five prefecture riding together companies operate in the prefecture "Kumamoto-jo Castle tour bus do Megurin" "airport limousine" and "bus between some prefecture cities"
   (express bus between cities and some community bass are excluded.)


5 points

  (1) We can confirm approach information of bus in real time.

  (2) We can easily search the service situation by the getting on and off designation.

  (3) Stop search with map nearby is possible, too.

  (4) By reading exclusive QR code posted for each bus stop, can confirm approach information of the bus stop.



6 references

  sanko bus sevice center 096-325-0100

  Kumamoto Railway Corporation bus riding together section      096-343-3023

  The Kumamoto bus Kumamoto center Office    096-378-3447

  Kumamoto city bus Motoyama Office    096-312-5077



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