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Thank you for your cooperation for examination of HIV in medical institution

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To all of the medical institutions which do not specialize in medical treatment of HIV/AIDS

 By remarkable progress of AIDS, early detection and early treatment of HIV came to greatly contribute to improvement of QOL of patient.

 In late years examples discovered by inspection with public health center and medical institution early increase, but a lot of examples found after the AIDS onset occupy about 30% of the number of the reports of the whole country.

 In the inside where the AIDS onset example included report so far, it is past and, in this prefecture, is in that there was consultation experience for sexually transmitted disease and fence-sitting infectious disease. In addition, there is late example, and discovery arrests HIV screening examination in medical treatment with medical institution with opportunity valuable at all for early detection though we had you introduce examination of free of charge, anonymity of public health center from medical institution without using by judgment of the patient.

 In addition, as for examination of "time with doubt of sexually transmitted disease or the past" of HIV and the HIV inspection at "time with symptom to suspect HIV infection or the AIDS onset", it is insurance application. We would appreciate your consideration, cooperation about conduct of examination of HIV with medical institution.


  ◎Please examine HIV screening examination at following time

  (1)When there is doubt of sexually transmitted disease or the past

   Genital chlamydial infection, the sexual organs herpes infectious disease, acuminata konjiroma, syphilis, gonococcus infectious disease, hepatitis B, amebic dysentery

  (2)When we have symptom to suspect HIV infection or the AIDS onset

   When fever, lymphadenopathy, pharyngitis, symptom of acute HIV infection including exanthem were seen, there is influenza-like symptom, but is negative by inspection of influenza

   Case, herpes zoster, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, amebic dysentery, steatorrhea-related dermatitis, oral candidiasis, psoriasis, itch-related papules, fever of unknown origin, chronic diarrhea


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 ▼As for the details, please see flyer.

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