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About "Kumamoto wood adviser from prefecture"

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When we authorize Kumamoto wood adviser from prefecture, and house of Kumamoto is tree of Kumamoto, KUMAMON is figure doing news.


What is Kumamoto wood adviser from prefecture?

 In Kumamoto, we have wide knowledge including significance of characteristic of the current situation of the forest, forestry, wood industry in the prefecture and regional wood and thing using, and advice, suggestion authorizes various places that it is possible for as "Kumamoto prefecture product wood adviser" about use of regional wood to house and building with publicity.

[person who wants to build house using regional wood]
 We suggest the making of house which utilized regional wood effectively if we talk with house maker and engineering firm, drawing office where adviser is.

[person wanting to know regional wood more]
 We have abundant knowledge about regional wood. Please consult casually.

 ※Authorized person is this↓↓↓


We use now, and wood of Kumamoto gets out

 The forest accounting for 62% of prefectural soil has function of the public interest such as cultivation of water source, prevention of mountainous district disaster, maintenance of biological diversity, restraint of global warming, and we enjoy many blessings such as delicious water or beautiful air. Maintenance, increase of this function requires to keep the forest healthy state.
 However, in late years the forest where we carry, and enough care is not accomplished for shortage of help, aging or slump of wood price of forestry is seen in Kumamoto. Particularly, when artificial plantation accounting for approximately 60% of forest under private ownership in the prefecture does not perform care such as thinning regularly to promote growth of tree, branch of tree and tree overlaps, and interval of trees becomes overcrowded, and Nikko becomes hard to reach the ground, and growth of grass and shrub decreases. Not only utility value as wood falls, but also ability for earth-water preservation of the soil decreases, and tree which we grew in environment that is not well-kept is connected for functional decline such as prevention of earth and sand disaster or water source cultivation.
It is figure explaining that thinning of proper time leads to maintenance increase of function of the public interest of the forest.
 In addition, we sell tree which grew, and the forest owners get income and plant new sapling for the cause in that and care for the forest. However, if demand for wood is sluggish, necessary income is not provided and is not well-kept.
 We protect the forest of Kumamoto, and it is necessary for "planting" to circulate no cycle "using" "bringing up" to let you maintain function of the public interest and increase. Therefore profit of regional wood maximizes inflecting, and it is necessary to be able to connect to activation of forestry.
 By the use of regional wood, we can plan local activation and environmental conservation at the same time.
It is figure explaining that local activation and environmental conservation are planned at the same time by the use of regional wood.


House which is comfortable by relief, security using wood of high quality Kumamoto

 When wood brings health and psychology side positive effect, in late years we attract attention. Insulation characteristics are high and provide unique warmth and action to moisture condition, shock relaxation, and wood is effective against acoustic absorption and is material bringing comfortable sense to people.
 Furthermore, wood to use for house grows up in the land, and it is said that produced thing is suitable most. It is cold in winter, and it enables the making of comfortable house which is not defeated by severe climate climate of Kumamoto of high temperature and humidity in the summer to use regional wood for structure materials and fixings.

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