About authorization of 2019, 2020 (the 2019.2020 year) Kumamoto construction bid participant qualification and rating

The last update date:

 We publish rating standard in Kumamoto construction bid participant screening in 2019, 2020 (the 2019.2020 year).

 In addition, we announce by the following as a result of screening pertaining to construction bid participation of 2019, 2020 (the 2019.2020 year) and rating about (the prefecture constructor).


1 public announcement day

  Monday, April 1, 2019 (Heisei 31)

2 public announcement methods

  Reading method

3 public announcement places

  Kumamoto prefectural government office Department of Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Administration Division, information plaza

  Each Regional Administrative Headquarters (we include Kumamoto Civil Engineering Office, Kumamoto Agricultural Administration Office.) ・Each Regional Promotion Bureau

4 public announcement contents

  Qualified person list (we include class, score and order.)

  Screening rating relations official regulations (we include rating standard.)

5 and others

  We can search even auction information public service in Kumamoto e-bidding system homepage about each supplier.







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