Pharmaceutical products notify manufacturing industry, production dealership relations in 2019 [examination, monitoring relations]

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Pharmaceutical products glance through manufacturing industry, production dealership notice of relationships

Pharmaceutical products publish notice of manufacturing industry, production dealership relations [examination, monitoring relations]. Please confirm regularly.

Notice of 2018 is thisWe open with the other window

Notice of 2017 is thisWe open with the other window

Notice of 2016 is thisWith new window



The notice date


Notice numberRemarks

The yakuseikishinhatsu 1001 first

yakuseikammahatsu 1001 No. 5 

R010926 Office work communication Security 
R010920 yakuseikammahatsu 0920 No. 2 Monitoring 
R010919 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0919 No. 2 Examination 
R010919 The first from medicine life 0919 Examination 
R010918 The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0918 first Security 
R010917 Office work communication Security 
R010912 yakuseiyasuhatsu 0912 No. 4 Security 
R010912 Office work communication Examination 
R010911 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0911 No. 4  Examination 
R010911 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0911 first Examination 
R010911 From medicine life 0911 No. 4Examination 
R010910 From medicine machine No. 0910020 Mechanism 
R010909 From medicine machine No. 0909028Mechanism 
R010909 Office work communication Examination 
R010906 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0906 first Examination 
R010906  Office work communication Monitoring 
R010906 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0906 first Examination 
R010906 Office work communication Examination 

The yakuseisohatsu 0904 first

yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0904 No. 3

The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0904 first

The yakuseikammahatsu 0904 first 

R010903 0903 first from medicine politics and economics Economy 
R010903 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0903 No. 5 Examination 
R010903 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0903 firstExamination 
R010902 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0902 No. 3 Examination 
R010826 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0826 first Examination 
R010823 The first from medicine life 0823 Examination 
R010823 yakuseikammahatsu 0823 No. 7 Monitoring 
R010823 yakuseikammahatsu 0823 No. 4 Monitoring 
R010822 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0822 first Examination 
R010808 Office work communication Examination 
R010808  Office work communication Examination

The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0808 first

The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0808 first

yakuseikamma 0808 No. 2 

R010807 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0807 first Examination 
R010806 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0806 first Examination 
R010805 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0805 No. 2 Examination 
R010805 Office work communication Examination 
R010805 The first from medicine life 0805 Examination 

The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0801 first

The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0801 first 


The yakuseikishinhatsu 0801 first

yakuseiyasuhatsu 0801 No. 4 


yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0730 No. 5

yakuseiyasuhatsu 0730 No. 5 


The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0730 first

yakuseiyasuhatsu 0730 No. 4 

R010726   About setting of trial period accompanied with introduction of abstract such as production, examination record to blood products (PDF: 559.5 kilobytes) We open with the other windowyakuseikammahatsu 0726 No. 4 Monitoring 
R010724 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0724 first Examination 
R010724 The first from medicine life 0724 Examination 
R010710  Office work communication Examination 

The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0710 first

The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0710 first 

R010709 yakuseikishinhatsu 0709 No. 2 Examination 

yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0709 No. 5

The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0709 first 


The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0709 first

yakuseiyasuhatsu 0709 No. 2 

R010705 Office work communication Examination 
R010705 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0705 No. 7 Examination 
R010705 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0705 No. 5 Examination 
R010705 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0705 No. 3 Examination 
R010702 0702 first from medicine politics and economics Economy 
R010701 From medicine machine No. 0701003 Mechanism 
R010628 Office work communication Examination 
R010628 Office work communication Examination 
R010628 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0628 first Examination 
R010628 The first from medicine life 0628 Examination 
R010627 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0627 first Examination 
R010626 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0626 first Examination 
R010624 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0624 first Examination 
R010620 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0620 first Examination 
R010620 The first from medicine life 0620 Examination 
R010619Office work communicationExamination
R010619Office work communicationExamination 

yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0618 No. 10

yakuseiyasuhatsu 0618 No. 5

R010618 yakuseiyasuhatsu 0618 No. 2 Security 
R010618yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0618 No. 9Examination
R010618The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0618 firstExamination
R010617Office work communicationExamination 
R010617 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0617 first Examination 
R010613 0613 No. 4 from medicine politics and economics Economy 
R010613 0613 No. 3 from medicine politics and economics Economy 
R010606 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0606 No. 5 Examination 
R010606 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0606 first Examination 

The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0605 first 

R010530 Office work communication Examination 

yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0530 No. 11

yakuseiyasuhatsu 0530 No. 2 

R010530 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0530 No. 7 Examination 
R010530 From medicine life 0530 No. 7 Examination 
R010530 Office work communication Examination 
R010530 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0530 No. 4 Examination 
R010530 From medicine life 0530 No. 4 Examination 
R010530 The first from medicine life 0530 Examination 
R010530 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0530 first Examination 
R010529 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0529 first Examination 
R010528 0528 first from medicine politics and economics Economy 

The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0524 first 

R010523 yakuseikamma 0523 No. 4  Monitoring 
R010523 yakuseikamma 0523 No. 8 Monitoring 
R010523 yakuseikishinhatsu 0523 No. 2 Examination 
R010523 From medicine life 0523 No. 4 Examination 
R010523 The first from medicine life 0523 Examination 
R010522 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0522 first Examination 
R010521 0521 first from medicine politics and economics Economy 
R010521 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0521 first Examination 
R010515 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0515 first Examination 
R010510 From medicine life 0510 No. 2 Examination 
R010510 Office work communication Examination 

The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0508 first

The yakuseikishinhatsu 0508 first

R010507 From medicine machine cheap plan 0507002 Mechanism 
R010507 From medicine machine No. 0507008 Mechanism 


From medicine machine No. 0507003 Mechanism 

The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0507 first

The yakuseikishinhatsu 0507 first 

H310426From medicine machine No. 0426003Mechanism 
H310426 yakukishinchohatsudai 0426006 Mechanism 
H310426 yakukishinchohatsudai 0426003 Mechanism 
H310425 yakuseiyakushinhatsudai 1 Examination 
H310419 Office work communication Monitoring 
H310419 yakuseikammahatsu 0419 No. 6 Monitoring 
H310418 The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0418 first Examination 
H310415 Office work communication Examination 
H310415 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0415 No. 2 Examination 

The yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0415 first

The yakuseiyasuhatsu 0415 first 


The yakuseisohatsu 0415 first

yakuseiyasuhatsu 0415 No. 2 

H310415  The yakuseikammahatsu 0415 first Monitoring 
H310411 The yakuseikishinhatsu 0411 first Examination 
H310411 From medicine life 0411 No. 8 Examination 
H310410 Flat 31 pharmaceutical practice No. 105  
H310404 The first from medicine life 0404Examination 
H310404  yakuseikammahatsu 0404 No. 2 Monitoring 
H310402 0402 first from medicine politics and economics Economy 
H310402The first from medicine life 0402 Examination 
H310401The yakuseikishinhatsu 0401 first Examination 
H310401 yakukishinchohatsudai 0401014 Mechanism 



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