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Oldness and Kumamoto support donation renewed "article of thanks"

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About "article of thanks" to present to person who put hometown tax (contribution) to Kumamoto, we renewed from for contribution on April 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2).
For more details, please see "article of thanks" list (PDF: 2.43 megabytes)We open with the other window.


About "article (for made in Kumamoto craft contest) of thanks", please see thisWe open with the other window page.

 *You can donate via the Internet (hometown choice We open with the other window(external link))

                      Hometown tax We open with the other window(external link) of ANA


 *Taking the purpose of hometown tax system into consideration, we do not present "article of thanks" toward the residence in Kumamoto.
 *"Article of thanks" presents as thanks for contribution and corresponds to "occasional income" about economic profit when it was received.
 *In addition, detailed instructions, please read flyer.

●Brochure about hometown tax of Kumamoto (PDF: 7.56 megabytes) We open with the other window


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