About 2020 (Raiwa 2) Kumamoto industrial waste discharge restraint support project bounty

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Summary of 2020 (Raiwa 2) Kumamoto industrial waste discharge restraint support project bounty




[with Kumamoto industrial waste discharge restraint support project]

  For we promote discharge restraint of industrial waste in the prefecture, use of reproduction, recycling to plan the formation of recycling-oriented society with a little environmental load waste discharge restraint
  Object supporting about study, technology development, maintenance (including facility which does not spread as well as technical innovativeness in the prefecture) of advanced facility to be connected
  We support a part of the expense.
 ※ Supporting object which is given priority: Business for the purpose of abolished plastic 3R (thermally recover include)

[with supporting eligible people]

  We correspond to any of the following condition and have offices in Kumamoto, and it is necessary to move into action. In addition, please see the grant essential point mentioned above in detail.
   (1) Company which exhausts industrial waste
   (2) Person of waste industry
   (3) Proprietor who performs development and production such as facility, apparatus for the purpose of discharge restraint of the prefecture industrial waste
   (4) University, junior college, higher vocational school, research organization
     (but limited to business to carry out in cooperation with (1), (2), company of (3).)

[with supporting target expense]

  Target expenses are as follows in this subsidy. In addition, please be careful as you are not targeted for assistance about expense except these.

  Expense that is targeted for research, technology development

 (1) Original material cost (expense, fuel expense required for raw materials, the purchase of material) 
 (2)Machinery, tool appliance costs (expense required for machinery, production, the purchase, transportation, installation of tool appliance costs, maintenance repair)
 (3)Outside order processing expenses (expense required for outside order processing such as materials) 
 (4)Trust costs (expense required for trust such as inspection analysis, examination)
 (5)Compensation (compensation to outside experts)
 (6)The travel expenses (the expert travel expenses, the staff travel expenses)
 (7)Desk work costs (meeting costs, the material purchase costs, print binding costs, communication transportation costs, labor costs, supplies expenses)


  Facility maintenance (new establishment, repair) object expense

 (1) This construction cost (expense required for expense necessary for facility construction, contract construction) 
 (2)Incidental construction cost (thing of least bound necessary for the gate of facility periphery, maintenance such as fences and construction)
 (3)Machine appliance costs (expense required for production costs of machinery or tool appliance, the purchase costs, installation, remodeling) 
 (4)Other expenses (thing which the governor recognized with minimum thing for construction)



[about supporting amount of money]

  It is as follows about supporting amount of money. As we decide grant within the limit, in the case of a lot of application, supporting rate may be less than a half.

  ・Less than a half of supporting target expense
  ・Limit less than 20 million yen (the supporting total sum of the number of all adoption)


[about time of application]

  Application reception desk period
   Until from Thursday, May 14, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to Thursday, June 18
    ※For the prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, application becomes receptionist only for mail now.
    ※We do not accept application with E-mail.
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