About human rights about sexual point, gender identity

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About review of sex mention column in applications of the prefecture

 Human rights of various places of sexual minority including LGBT become socially big subject of concern.

   In the prefecture, we carried out all agency-like reviews according to the attachment under the policy that we abolished except statutory well-grounded cases in principle about sex mention columns such as various applications of the prefecture.




We issued sexual point, enlightenment training information for prefectural officials about human rights about gender identity

 Sexual point, enlightenment training material for prefectural officials about human rights about gender identity issued "staff of ... Kumamoto handbook ... to deepen understanding to sexual minority". About the current situation of diversity of the nature and sexual minority, we publish about mental attitude that we deal with basic knowledge and duties accomplishment. As downloading and the use are free (This publication may not "be" reproduced), in the case of self-culture and area, the training in the workplace, please inflect.


   Handbook cover

 Leaflet (summary version) (PDF: 299.5 kilobytes) We open with the other window


About diversity of the nature → Ministry of Justice homepage (external link)We open with the other window








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