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Under green curtain contest work offer! (the 2019.9.13 deadline)

We present to scholar of highest award for Quo card 5,000 yen


 In the prefecture, we work on the making of green curtain in prefectural facility as one of the energy saving, warming measures from 2010.
 With green curtain, trained crane-related plants such as bitter gourds over nets which we put on the outside and wall surface of window and overturned like curtain. It is one of energy saving, the warming measures that there is chilling effect with water transpired by positive zashiosaegiru effect and plant to this curtain, and anyone is easy to work on relatively cheaply.
Eco-life logo like Kumamoto
 We tell about growth of green curtain which we installed in prefectural government building as part of "eco-life like Kumamoto" promotion in this page.
 ※Eco-life like Kumamoto
  Match with climate and climate, custom of Kumamoto while making use of citizen of the prefecture characteristics of Kumamoto,
 We choose style that each citizen of the prefecture is continued and take in in life and are citizen of the prefecture acting as a body
 It is to spend environment carefully.

[about seedling and net of bitter gourd]
 About seedling, net which we used for green curtain of the prefectural office, we had you provide from the following people.
  Seedling: Chrysanthemum positive green curtain promotion meeting
  Net: Kumamoto Fisheries Cooperatives (we use net for paste culture that became unnecessary)
[state of last year (2018)]
[effect of way of raising, setting of bitter gourd]
[song of green curtain]
 "Ken Chan's belt" led by Kenichi Matsumoto of member of Kumamoto prevention of global warming activity promotion was produced with wish of the green curtain spread.

Activity diary of this year (2019)


(the prefectural office) We harvest bitter gourds! We distribute in the prefectural office Main Building lobby! (July 30)

 Plant at the end of May, and about two months. We harvested bitter gourds today!
 We distribute bitter gourd which we harvested in lobby of the prefectural office Main Building.
 You are irregular, but please confirm when it was dropped in at the prefectural office as we distribute when we harvested in future.
Bitter gourd distributionGreen curtain (the prefectural office)
Please take to go freely if you see.

It is small, but there are still a lot of fruits of bitter gourd.

We will harvest more and more in future.

 Bitter gourd is vegetable very with many "King of summer vegetables" and reason, vitamins.
 It is done with one of the reasons that it eats bitter gourd which is traditional foods well that there are many people of longevity in Okinawa.
 Bitterness ingredient of bitter gourd has work to add to appetite, but becomes easy to eat when people weak in slice and rub salt and do.
  The source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Web site (http://www.maff.go.jp/j/syokuiku/kodomo_navi/cuisine/cuisine7_5.html)

(the prefectural office) Emergency ... (July 22)

Bitter gourd
It was fruit of bitter gourd which grew first looking forward to the gain, but has fallen before becoming big enough.
Probably we seem to be influence of strong wind.
We take heart and wait for real growth of bitter gourd growing in sequence.

(Arao-shi) Model is the situation of home that we established

 Member of Kumamoto prevention of global warming activity promotion of Arao-shi plays a key role and performs model setting of green curtain in home in Arao-shi.
 As photograph arrived, we are how old or introduce. Plant is brought up although being a pleasure, everybody.
Arao-shi OArao-shi TArao-shi I
O's house. It is with the fourth-year plantation in this year. We will have foods boiled down in soy after the crop and seem to be eaten.T's house. In addition to bitter gourd, space potato, yam are planted together.I's house. We are brought up in both planter and outdoor planting. As for the outdoor planting, bottom may be firm in gravel, and planter seems to have better growth.
Arao-shi FArao-shi NArao-shi N 2
F's house. We enjoy by the first challenge and are brought up this year. One bitter gourd seemed to be already harvested.N's house (1). Small thing is used for planter, but is brought up well.N's house (2). Big bitter gourd grew.

(the prefectural office) A little more to crop (July 16)

 Bitter gourd grows up by great force after the rainy season begins. Height exceeds 3m, too.
 Looking aside comes out to passion fruit and approaches curtain little by little.
 Fruit of bitter gourd grew up to approximately 8cm, too. It is just an inch to crop. 
Bitter gourdPassion fruitFruit of bitter gourd
As for the bitter gourd, height exceeded 3m, too.Passion fruits gradually grow thick, too.It is fruit of bitter gourd which grew up to approximately 8cm. It is just an inch to crop.

(the prefectural office) Fruit of bitter gourd grew up (July 5) 

 It is female flower of bitter gourd which we found the other day, but fruit grows big little by little whether the safety was able to be pollinated.
 Even, in addition, some fruit and female flowers of bitter gourd are seen.
Bitter gourdBitter gourdFemale flower
Some fruits of bitter gourd grew up.We discover fruit as well as thing which found last time.

The number of female flowers (mebana) is how many, too or is seen.


(the prefectural office) We discover female flower (mebana) of bitter gourd! (July 1)

 We discovered the first female flower this year.
 If the safety can be pollinated by insects such as bees, we think that fruit of bitter gourd grows.
 We sprayed compound fertilizer as additional fertilizing from now on as nourishment was necessary more.
 Passion fruit was by little, too, but we lengthened branch, and leaves increased.
Female flowerBitter gourdPassion fruit
Female flower of bitter gourdThe side bud is over bitter gourd more and more, and curtain becomes dense.Passion fruit grows up slowly in comparison with bitter gourd.

(the prefectural office) We are brought up quickly and healthily (June 24)

 Bitter gourd grew up smoothly and became approximately 2m in early stock.
 When it is usual, we will grow up more and more from now on. We want to bring up while being careful about running out of manure.
Bitter gourdDragonfly

It became approximately 2m in high what.

It is dragonfly which took a rest with net.


(the prefectural office) Flower has begun to bloom! (June 15)

Flower (male flower) of bitter gourd
We set book, and, for approximately two weeks, some yellow flowers of bitter gourd have begun to bloom.
Photograph is male flower (aunt). It becomes after the conveyance that female flower (mebana) having fruit blooms.

(the prefectural office) The side bud grew (June 12)

 One week passed from bud nipping.
 The side bud appears when we look at vine. Vitality of plant is great!
 We induce this well and go for green curtain without gap. 
The side bud (bitter gourd)
The side bud (passion fruit)
The side bud of bitter gourdThe side bud of passion fruitSeed which fell from fruit last year germinated.
We bring this up carefully.

(the prefectural office) We made bud nipping (tekishin) (June 6) ※Important

 As bitter gourd and height of passion fruit became approximately 1m, we performed bud nipping (tekishin).

 Bud nipping means that we cut the tip of seedling which grew. It is very important work to raise green curtain!
 The side bud comes out when we perform bud nipping, and it is child vine (kozuru), grandchild vine (magozuru) and grows up more and more.
 By inducing this child vine, grandchild vine well, leaf can do to green curtain which grew thick closely.
 In addition, as for the plants such as bitter gourds, female flower (mebana) becoming fruit blooms a lot on child vine, grandchild vine than pro-vine.
 Therefore it is effective when we want to harvest a lot of fruits.
 While we are not used, it feels sad to pick up young bud, but let's carry out decisively!
Before bud nipping
After the bud nipping
Before bud nipping (bitter gourd)After the bud nipping (bitter gourd)


(the prefectural office) Plantation three days later (June 3)

 Three days passed from plantation. We seemed to grow up smoothly and felt relieved.
 We want to do important nipping (tekishin) with green curtain if we grow up a little more.
Bitter gourd
Passion fruit
This is bitter gourd. Bows lengthen, and new leaf appears and seems to be brought up smoothly.This is passion fruit. We catch net by vine well and grow to the top to the top.

We started offer of green curtain contest! (May 31)

Green curtain contestWe open with the other window
 Secondary to last year, we carry out green curtain contest for whole prefecture.
 Offer of work is two branches of (1) home section, (2) company, group section. We present Quo card 3,000 yen share in award for excellence for Quo card 5,000 yen in the highest award of each section.
 In addition, please apply even for green curtain which you failed in positively as you evaluate enthusiasm to the next fiscal year when you included approach contents and improvement regardless of the result of green curtain in Special Recognition Award. (the application deadline: on September 13, 2019 (Raiwa 1))
 We look forward to your application.
 For more information: → Green curtain contest HPWe open with the other window

(the prefectural office) We planted bitter gourd and passion fruit! (May 31)

 We planted to planter of the prefectural office which we prepared for about one month ago.
 It was unfortunate rain, but 17 children of Suizenji nursery school helped in raincoat on that day.
 In addition to bitter gourd of usual, we challenge passion fruit this year.
The prefectural office plantation 1
The prefectural office plantation 2
The prefectural office plantation 3
We were taught by Eiji Shido, Kazuyo Shido of chrysanthemum positive green (bitter gourd) curtain promotion meeting that had you donate seedling of bitter gourd about green curtain.
KUMAMON rushed to support, too.
With wish, KUMAMON and children danced KUMAMON exercises so that seedling grew well.
It is plantation after exercises.
We dig hole and pot produces seedling and plants. So that seedling is not broken; is ... carefully
The prefectural office plantation 4
The prefectural office plantation 5
The prefectural office plantation 6
After having planted, we put up water in sprinkler.
Be brought up well!
We put two seedlings of passion fruit on ten planters of about 1.8m with 36 seedlings of bitter gourd.This is seedling of passion fruit. What kind of flower blooms and is a pleasure what kind of fruit it bears.


We installed green curtain in Amakusa City Sumoto Elementary School (May 22)

 We installed green curtain in Sumoto Elementary School of Amakusa-shi on that day.
 Kenichi Matsumoto of member of Kumamoto prevention of global warming activity promotion played a key role and planted bitter gourd with student of fourth grader.
 We are brought up well and think that it becomes cool green curtain.
Green curtain explanationPlantationWatering
Kenichi Matsumoto of member of promotion sang "song of green curtain".We plant seedling of bitter gourd to planter. Hideharu Suematsu of member of promotion told how to plant.

It is watering if we plant. As for the bitter gourd, watering is very important.

Completion 1Completion 2Completion 3
Beside classroom on the first floor, we installed net of 7.2m in width X 4m in height. Net is used laver culture net that I received from Kumamoto Fisheries Cooperatives.We installed in horizontal classroom of pool. Pool to look at over green curtain looks cool.We look forward to growth.

(the prefectural office) The making of soil (April 26)

 We cared for planter ahead of plantation.
 We mixed fowl droppings compost pellet as initial fertilization. In addition, we put organic petrifaction for pH adjustment of the soil.
 You seem to perform these work from three weeks to one month before plantation.
Organic limeState after work

We sprinkled organic lime (thing looking white). After this, we mixed in soil.

We level face and are completion.

We wait as it is for approximately one month.


We had you present seedling from Kumamoto agricultural high school. (April 20)

 Led by members of Kumamoto prevention of global warming activity promotion to act for the green curtain spread that rooted in area in Kumamoto in area,
We perform model setting of green curtain.
 We had you present seedling of bitter gourd to use in model setting in Kumamoto-shi from Kumamoto agricultural high school this year.
 High school student was turn on off day, and watering seemed to be done. Thank you.
Introduction of Kumamoto agricultural high school seedlingKumamoto agricultural high school KUMAMON exercisesThe presentation of Kumamoto agricultural high school seedling

High school student is explaining how to raise bitter gourds to all of venues. KUMAMON came for support on that day.

When bitter gourd grew well, with thought, KUMAMON danced "KUMAMON exercises".

We had you hand seedling of bitter gourd to Takeko Toya of member of prevention of global warming activity promotion. Green curtain is installed in private houses in Kumamoto-shi.

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