Word ... from A-1 "Kumamoto forestry college" (long-term course) ... past intern

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Word ... from "Kumamoto forestry college" (long-term course) ... past intern

 We attended the training in "the new employment support training of Kumamoto green" to become forerunner of Kumamoto forestry college in 2013 for long term.

 In the training, we learned widely about tree and mountain and were able to receive practical training in a lot of on-site work, too.

 Acquire experience on the site while making use of having learned in the training, is further step-up.

 We challenge a certain characteristic forestry while sometimes helping each other with favorite style.

 Village forest which is our spot leads to natural cycle and living of everybody closely.

 We work every day while feeling pride in being able to be concerned with such an important part.

 And what move body among big trees in mountain, and work is comfortable even if, surprisingly, we say!

 Does everybody not do such a work, too?

 We are looking forward to becoming our friend.  

 And we wish your achievement!       

                                New employment support training graduate of 2013 Kumamoto green

                                Taichi Ikeda Takenori Adachi Tomohito Kunitake                      













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