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Summary of "Kumamoto forestry college"

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Kumamoto forestry college


Summary of "Kumamoto forestry college"

  In Kumamoto, cedar hinoki material amount of production is the forestry advanced prefecture of the national fourth place.

  While forest resource in the prefecture matures, quality of wood biomass utilization 230,000m3, export of log, sawing product with 130,000m3,

  Movement of expansion of unprecedented wood demand is accelerated.


  We cut tree and plant, and upbringing, securing of human resources to further bring up becomes important in future.


  Therefore, in Kumamoto, we founded "Kumamoto forestry college" in April, 2019.


  By bringing up the training of human resources becoming adaptable fighting potential who had the spot power and technique necessary for forestry and will and capable forestry manager,

  We will plan upbringing, securing of forestry leading figure leading the next generation.


  Do you not try forestry in all of you, Kumamoto who are interested in forestry?                       



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